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Hi, my name is Kirk Taylor, a serial entrepreneur who blogs about entrepreneurship and online marketing strategy. You'll find numerous posts about Shark Tank, and other entrepreneurial topics. My background includes dozens of start-ups and over thirty-nine years of experience. My strength as a visionary and helping others to see opportunity both for start-ups and existing entities.

Talking about Shark Tank

Entrepreneurship is more popular than ever. A significant reason for that happening is the launch of Shark Tank in August of 2009. Nine Seasons later, people who never thought about entrepreneurship suddenly are calling themselves entrepreneurs.

My first blog post about Shark Tank came on the night of the very first episode, and I kept writing more. My blog took off receiving a massive amount of traffic. At that point, I moved the Shark Tank content into a branded blog and brought a partner on to help with the blog. I fully expected that having a partner would make the blog that much better, but it proved to be a massive challenge and burden. That's when I decided to get out of the Shark Tank Blogging.

I've decided to get back into writing about Shark Tank again. My content is unique to most other bloggers because they don't have the experience and the vision that comes with my experience. Instead, I'm moving to showing a different view of entrepreneurship and opportunity. Of course, I'll give you the background to each company and Shark as well.

Learn more about Shark Tank and my perspective on the companies presenting.

Recent Blog Posts

Business Ghost Shark Tank Deal leaves with No Deal

Michael Levin writes books for other people(over 100 books) and has several best selling books, but they are all in the name of other people. He is pitching Shark Tank for his company Business Ghost in Season 3. His gig is writing about other...

My Wonderful Life Shark Tank pitch deal dead on arrival

Nancy Bush lost her husband five years previous to their Shark Tank pitch and created a celebration for him, which led to other people asking how they could do the same thing. My Wonderful Life helps you preplan funerals and is being pitched in...

Back 9 Dips Buffalo Chicken Dip Scores Shark Tank Deal

Back 9 Dips Buffalo Chicken Dip is the creation of David and Nique Mealy. They pitch the Shark Tank investors in Season 4, episode 404. David and Nique need one-hundred-fifty thousand dollars and are willing to give up fifteen percent of their company....

Tattoo Removal Neo Innovations misses Shark Tank Deal

Neo Innovations Tattoo Removal is the creation of Nick Gonzales and Kevin Mack. They have a device known as Black Magic IPL which removes tattoo pigments. Their invention eliminates tattoos at less cost than laser treatments. Do the Shark Tank investors...

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