I made a stupid mistake. I allowed a slip of the tongue to set me back in my effort to become a Godly Man. How could I do such a thing? I am human, and I am working diligently to change my life.

If I had a drivers license for my tongue, I would be barred for life right now. What purpose did it serve? My ego was damaged; the pride came out.

Slip of the Tongue will Ruin Someone

A stupid mistake from a slip of the tongue will ruin someone who is working towards being a Godly man. Who cares that we are merely human, and we are going to sin, we can't possibly help but make a mistake. It does not matter, as someone who is shooting for being something more has to do better than this.

Now I must admit my wrongdoing to the person whom I have offended and ask for forgiveness, not only to them but to God, whom I have sinned against with my action. I'll go immediately to ask God for forgiveness, and then follow up with the person whom I have offended.

Not only will I admit my wrongdoings, but I will focus on coming up with a plan so that I do not commit this sin again. I have to do better, and I am better than this action.

When I make a mistake, I need to admit it quickly, then I need to ask for forgiveness to all involved, as well as God Himself. No need to wait any longer than necessary, and then do everything possible to ensure it does not happen again.

Yes, we are human, and we are going to make mistakes. This one is stupid, unnecessary and all for a bit of pride that is not needed. Hold the tongue; save your breath. Words such as these are not necessary.

To the readers of this blog, I am sorry, I hope you will forgive me and will continue to read about my pursuit of becoming a Godly Man.