Welcome to my blog, KirkTaylor.com. I am Kirk Taylor, the definition of a serial entrepreneur who started his first business forty years previous.

My First Venture – About Kirk Taylor

My first venture into the online world came in August of 1995, when I purchased my first computer, and logged into America Online. Within an hour I launched my first and very successful website/business.

Chances are, you are on my site because of one of my business related posts, but what is most important to me is faith as a Christian and my family. They are my priority, and then the art of business is next.

A friend invited me to her Church about two years ago, and I picked up a Bible which I read cover-to-cover in seven weeks. I've been attending that church ever since, and have recently been Baptised by submersion in the water.

Life-groups are an essential part of my journey as well as regular Bible study. Everything in my life is changed, and for the better, while being quite challenging at the same time.

Faith, Hope, and Love – About Kirk Taylor

My focus today is on Faith, Hope, and Love, with love being the most important. Lacking these is a source of failure for far too many of us, causing as paralysis through fear and anxiety which has plagued me in the past, despite some incredible successes.

Admittedly, the idea of starting another business wasn't that appealing to me until recently. But, being the serial entrepreneur that I am, it's inevitable to once again return for another round. This time is a bit more cautious than in the past, with a focus on stability.

So, with a focus on Faith, Hope, and Love, I am diving back into teaching people how to create their own business selling good and products online. The strategy is a core strength of mine since 1995.

Thank you for taking your time to read more about me.