Hi, my name is Kirk Taylor, and I welcome you to the “About Me” page on my blog, KirkTaylor.com. This site launched in 2000, approximately nineteen years ago.

KirkTaylor.com contains content geared primarily focusing on entrepreneurs, and more recent posts about my faith development in my Christian walk.

Getting Online – My First Venture – About Kirk Taylor

My first venture into the online world came in August of 1995, when I purchased my first computer, and logged into America Online. Within an hour I launched my first and very successful website/business.
Chances are, you are on my site because of one of my business related posts, but what is most important to me is faith as a Christian and my family. They are my priority, and then the art of business is next.

Growing in my Christian Walk – About Kirk Taylor

A friend invited me to her Church in October of 2017, and I picked up the NLT(New Living Translation) Bible which I read cover-to-cover in seven weeks. I've been attending that church ever since. After considerable thought, Summer of 2018 is when I decided on Baptism by submersion, despite having been baptized at birth.

Deciding to be a part of a Church family is a rewarding experience if you find the right place. Antioch Christian Church, a non-denominational Church which accepted me despite my past and where I fit in with others who like me are broken people. I only wished I had attended this Church before as I had driven past for years thinking that the congregation would never accept me! How wrong was that?

There are several life-groups that I participate in focusing on two primary studies. One is Celebrate Recovery, a program launched at Saddleback Church in California, and the other is Rooted acting as a facilitator for the group.

Look for more content to be added to this page and others on KirkTaylor.com.