My name is Kirk Taylor, and I write about different topics. I've spent the last year focusing on developing my relationship with Christ, and am a single dad to two kids. I am also a lifelong entrepreneur having started my first business at eleven.

I live in Cedar Rapids, IA, the place where Grant Wood created one of the most famous paintings, “American Gothic.” Sometime soon, I am planning to take a road trip to Eldon, IA and take a picture in front of the house that Grant Wood used in the painting. I'll post it here when I have it.

Faith is central to my life today. Last year, I joined a non-denominational Bible church and attended faithfully every week. More importantly, I'm active in a life group and weekly Bible study, and volunteer for several different programs. I've read the Bible cover-to-cover in the last year and will reread it shortly.

My first step into entrepreneurial activity happened at age 11, selling hamsters and guinea pigs to stores all over eastern Iowa. Since that time I have launched and operated numerous businesses that have gone on to produce hundreds of jobs.
Being an entrepreneur comes naturally to me, even though I dreamt of something else. Entrepreneurship is the only way I know how to operate.

My first blog began in 2000, before blogging existed. It started with purchasing this domain, and building a website that told my story. The site has changed, disappeared, reappeared and cycled again over the years. I’ve used this as a launch pad for many business opportunities and tried to keep the site personal, but it always seems to evolve elsewhere.

Being from the midwest, Iowa to be exact, gives me a unique flavor of viewing the different type of personalities across the country. Centrally located, traveling from coast-to-coast is relatively easy. Traveling is something I enjoy, and usually ends up with how nice it is to come back to Iowa and home, as it is a peaceful place to live.

So there you have it, a little bit about me, a primer for what is to come as you read my blog. Thank you for stopping by my place.