My name is Kirk Taylor. I am a follower of Christ, a single dad to a boy and girl, an entrepreneur, and blogger from the midwestern state of Iowa.

Every week I faithfully attend Antioch Christian Church, a non-denominational Bible church in Cedar Rapids, IA. I also participate in a life group, and a weekly Bible Study, and I am a part of a leadership team preparing to introduce the Celebrate Recovery program to my church this fall.

Being a follower of Christ is front and center in my life, as I am in prayer daily, and am a student of the Bible first and foremost. My life is changing because of my commitment that began with reading the Bible cover-to-cover in just seven weeks.

My friend, Shawn Graham and I created GodinMe.Faith, as or mission to help both nonbelievers and believers to become followers of Christ.

Do you think I have gone off the deep end? You are correct, I have gone all in for Christ, and my life has never been better than it is right now.

I am helping my children to come and know Christ as I know Him. I want them to think for themselves, to develop their relationship with Him through free-will.

My kids get my full attention every other week as I am single, and do not use daycare, or babysitters. I would love to have them 100% of the time.

My first step into entrepreneurial activity happened at age 11, selling hamsters and guinea pigs to stores all over eastern Iowa. Since that time I have launched and operated numerous businesses that have gone on to produce hundreds of jobs.

Being an entrepreneur comes naturally to me, even though I dreamt of something else. Entrepreneurship is the only way I know how to operate.

My first blog began in 2000, before blogging existed. It began with purchasing this domain, and building a website that told my story. The site has changed, disappeared, reappeared and cycled again over the years. I’ve used this as a launch pad for many business opportunities and tried to keep the site personal, but it always seems to evolve elsewhere.

Being from the midwest, Iowa to be exact, gives me a unique flavor of viewing the different type of personalities across the country. Centrally located, traveling from coast-to-coast is relatively easy. Traveling is something I enjoy, and usually ends up with how nice it is to come back to Iowa and home, as it is a peaceful place to live.
So there you have it, a little bit about me, a primer for what is to come as you read my personal blog. Thank you for stopping by my place.