About Kirk Taylor

My name is Kirk Taylor, and I am focusing on building a better life. I want to share my experiences with you to help you do the same. Consider this a loving and just opportunity to hear truths about not only peace, joy, and happiness, but the suffering required to achieve peace, joy, and happiness.

I love to write, launching this blog in 2000, but I've struggled with the content. At first, I made it about myself but felt it was arrogant and prideful, so I took the content down.

Shark Tank launched in 2009, so I focused on writing about Shark Tank, which drove massive traffic to the blog, but then I lost interest in writing about Shark Tank as my life changed. Again, I felt that blog was more about arrogance and pridefulness.

My relationship with Christ took hold in 2016, causing me to change focus on this blog once again. I struggled with the content as I wanted to share my journey, but it seemed more like a “how-to guide,” causing it to feel arrogant and prideful in my mind.

This time, the blog focuses on building a better life for myself through my development as a follower of Christ. It is not a “how-to guide”, but a what's happening in my journey blog.

My prayer is that you find depth in this blog that helps you on the same journey of finding purpose through building a better life.