About Kirk Taylor

Hi, my name is Kirk Taylor, a serial entrepreneur who specializes in the transportation field. I've always loved the automobile beginning with my first car, a 1974 Nova, only to be replaced by a 1979 Chevrolet Z28 on my 16th birthday.

Prom 1985 created a new love of the automobile when my friends and I rented a Lincoln Stretch limousine, a car I drove in the mall parking lot that night. I would later own that car as my second limousine.

I'll tell you more about my automotive experience later, but I want to focus on my family, which consists of me as a single dad, and two beautiful kids. I love having them with me, and I volunteer at my daughter's school to spend more time with her. My son is too old to have me volunteering at his school as I would not be cool enough to be around.

Faith is essential to me, as I attend a non-denominational Christian Bible Church and am active in two life groups.

My strengths are in my vision, and the boldness to execute on that vision. I love building new businesses and sharing my experiences with others.

My business experience began at age eleven when I sold hamsters and guinea pigs to pet stores throughout Eastern Iowa. I created so much supply that the demand diminished and ended up giving away all of my inventory just to get rid of it.

As I stated earlier, my love for the automobile quickly turned towards limousines on prom night, and I bought my first limousine a year after graduation, I operated a couple of limousine services throughout the next ten years but decided to exit the business in January 1995.

It did not take long for me to get back into the limousine industry. I purchased a computer on the third Friday of August 1995 and created my first website an hour after logging into the Internet. I named the site LimoLink and listed over 32,000 limousine companies from around the world.

In 1997, I took over an ISP and built out a fiber optic network through the skywalk system, as well as set up a Wireless Internet connection between buildings in downtown Cedar Rapids.

About Kirk Taylor the domain

In 2000, I registered this domain, KirkTaylor.com and began blogging, even though the term was not in use yet. There are many different versions of this site over the years.

I've sold cars online, created a large-scale auto transport network that grew to eighty-five employees and dove into affiliate marketing in August of 2009.

That's when I created the first Shark Tank Blog, focused on the hit TV show from ABC. I let go of that blog in 2012 but picked up blogging about the Shark Tank companies once again in January of 2018. There are over 450 posts on companies appearing on the show.

Now, I am focused on affiliate marketing, and am generating significant interest in consulting in the ground transportation industry. Look for blog posts to pick up in the transportation and technology areas, while I continue to blog about Shark Tank and Affiliate Marketing.