How to sell online by Kirk Taylor

My name is Kirk Taylor, and I am here to teach you how to sell online. Maybe you have a few things that you want to liquidate, or you are looking to ratchet up your sales for your company. Either way, I will teach you how to sell online. And, if you don't want to sell it yourself, consider hiring me to sell it for you!

I'm Kirk Taylor, and I help entrepreneurs and business managers with business resources, online marketing, and Website design. My business career spans thirty-nine years with over twenty-two years working in online marketing and website design. launched in 2000 and became a blog before the word existed. My experience in business offers small business owners and entrepreneurs a unique experience from a visionary who understands how to grow and maximize efficiencies. Let me help you optimize and grow your business and brand. I am now available as a business resource to help you increase revenue, focus on profit centers and find new business opportunities. I have over 35 years of creating businesses and am available to coach you to new heights. Online marketing strategies help businesses and individuals create additional revenue streams not found in traditional brick and mortar channels. Individuals and businesses have an infinite pallet of opportunities. Does your website produce new business? Are you a business resource for your audience? I will help you build a website that creates more opportunity from new and existing clientele, finds additional revenue opportunities and promotes your brand.

Website marketing and strategy

Leveraging your website is a fantastic Marketing and Strategy tool for small businesses who look to build personal and professional brands. Leveraging a robust design based on an SEO(Search Engine Optimized) theme will help you reach your target audience and convert into sales. Capitalize on a properly setup website will make your brand rock!

WordPress Resources

  • WPEngine – Web Hosting Services designed for high-performance and availability for WordPress users. Get 20% off your first payment with this link.
  • Genesis Studio Press Themes – A wide variety of SEO and Speed optimized Child Themes offering a completely custom look to your site.
  • Elegant Themes – Extremely flexible templates that allow you to build the sites that work for you.
  • Grammarly – Designed to help you write intelligently. Checks spelling, grammar, context and more.

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