I'm Kirk Taylor

A Radical Follower of Christ
Jesus Christ is my higher power. Overcame lifelong gender identity issues in my late forties. Non-addict advocate practicing the Twelve Steps for Christians.

About Kirk Taylor

Kirk Taylor is active in his Church, leading Recovery (twelve-step) Programs, the Men’s Ministry Team, and a facilitator for Rooted Discipleship Training. He struggled with gender identity issues for over forty years when a miraculous change happened in early 2016, freeing him from the strongholds that kept him trapped for most of his life.


He was invited to attend his Bible-based Church in October 2016, where he picked up a Bible reading it cover-to-cover in seven weeks. He joined with others to launch a twelve-step Christian-based recovery program in January 2017.


His journey takes you through overcoming more than gender identity issues, such as his false beliefs that God would never allow him in heaven despite believing in Jesus. Another false belief is that a fundamentally conservative Bible-based church would reject him and instead welcome him.


We have a choice to live in this world or to live beyond this world. Do we follow our own will or welcome the Holy Spirit to guide us?


Kirk wants to share his life-changing recovery story and transformation into a radical follower of Christ. His commitment to sharing is inspired by those whose example encouraged his growth and desire to seek and follow God’s will.

More about Kirk

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