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Hi, my name is Kirk Taylor, founder of multiple online businesses. I am a life-long entrepreneur visionary who excels at motivating people to go after their personal and business dreams. Our goal is to build a strong personal and professional brand that results in a highly successful personal and professional lifestyle. Are you ready to get started?


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Kirk Taylor’s Daily Blog

An incredible gift of Kindness

Here I am, Friday night, still working and giving a summary of the week that’s winding up. All in all, this adds up to a great week. I’ve moved into a new place with the help of a great friend, Matt Smith,  that has separate bedrooms for my kids, and today...

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The Power of Being Homeless

A month ago, I moved out of my apartment with no place to go. I was homeless. I intentionally did not line up another home because I did not have the cash flow to make it happen. So, for a month, I stayed with friends, at a friends house that was sold up until the...

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How to raise capital in a start-up

Are you like most entrepreneurs who have no idea how to raise capital? Maybe not, because you think you’re going to get a bank loan, but what if the bank turns you down? Then what will you do to raise capital to launch your great idea? The good new is I can help...

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Goldfinch Cyclery to the rescue

Goldfinch Cyclery lived up to the hype and repaired my bicycle tire on the spot, while I waited. And the cost was unbelievably low! Better yet, the guys at Goldfinch Cyclery love what they are doing, as they all stayed late happily working on customer bicycles. You...

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Monetize a lifestyle blog

Would you like to know how to monetize a lifestyle blog? Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to link to products and services that you’re talking about on your blog, but you need first to focus on building enough traffic to make it worthwhile. Using...

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The Modern Day Biker Bar

Go back ten years, and think about what a biker bar looks like, and then fast forward to today and you’ll see the modern day biker bar that still serves up the beer, but to people in bright colors instead of black and brown. Move over leather chaps; it’s...

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The following services are available:


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  • Content Monitization
  • Personal and Business Branding
  • Website Design & Development
  • Photography
  • Start-Up Strategy
    • Raising Capital
    • Business Plans
    • Niche market optimization