Now, we are going to talk about repeating the first step of a twelve-step program because other issues come up. The idea is to keep peeling back the onion so that you can get to the core of all the problems over time.

You might remember a blog post written a couple of months ago on the First Step in a twelve-step program. The post described the origin of the program and the benefits.

Repeating the First Step to Cover Issues that sneak up on you

Sometimes you won't see issues coming as they sneak up on you until you are overwhelmed. You have to get some help, and one way is to go back through the process of a twelve-step program. Repeating the first step will help you move quickly to address any new or underlying issues bothering you.

Some of you may be interested in going through the process on your own. If you can avoid it, don't go through the process on your own because you need a community to help you get issues resolved.

For instance, I'm going to participate in Financial Peace University in the fall. I could go through the process on my own, but I need the community to support me in the process.

Everyone needs a coach or a mentor who can help. Challenges to you keep appearing through no matter how many times you go through the process. If you don't think you do, how are you going to do a professional job if you don't have all the tools?

Doing a sound program such as Celebrate Recovery will pair you with people who experience similar issues. They can help you get to a resolution. You might even get asked to help new people coming in that have the same problems you had.

Keep in mind that twelve-step programs are a process that needs working through multiple times and will provide relief continually if you work it properly.