Deciding to take the first step in a twelve step program is daunting. It is choosing to face the truths that are being ignored or denied. But, the process is liberating for anyone who is struggling.

The twelve step program is most often associated with AA(Alcoholics Anonymous) but adopted into other platforms. The alternative programs address issues, everyone, struggles with daily. We can use the twelve step program to conquer our greatest hurdles and change how we live life for the better.

My initial view of the twelve step program led me to believe I was not a candidate because I am not an alcoholic, nor am I a person who abuses substances. But, what I discovered is that the Twelve Step Programs are for people who are struggling in life. Being an alcoholic, or substance abuser is not required to experience incredible results.

Remove the Stigma – Twelve Step Program

There is a need to remove the stigma attached with twelve step programs so that more people are comfortable seeking available help. We need to share why this program works for so many different issues. The process allows others to feel and do better in their life.

The first step helps you to admit that you are powerless over your issues. You come out of hiding, and you acknowledge the demon that is haunting you.

Some people, like me, will think they can do the process without help and support of others. You can't, and I can't. We need God, and we need our community to support us as we go through the process.

Keep in mind, God uses others to speak to us. If we are listening, He will deliver messages that help us move forward in our walk with Christ. This allows us to overcome the most significant obstacles standing in front of us.

It is my hope and prayer, whatever your struggle, you will use the tools available like the twelve step program. It is worth it.

The Twelve-Step program I use is Biblically based known as Celebrate Recovery. You will find this program in communities near you across the country.