There are those that are pro's at getting by, but at some point, excuses have to stop. I'm not scolding you; It's me that makes excuses that somehow get me through life.

The truth is, my reality is I barely graduated from high school. I didn't try to do well, I did not even enough, but got by because I would do things to swap for my grade. I traded doing the darkroom work for the yearbook in exchange for my English grade my senior year.

Making Excuses in High School

I read a couple of chapters in a class and was called on by my teacher(who is one of my friends on FaceBook) who knew I wasn't reading the book and lucked out because he asked the class what kind of car the Great Gatsby drove. Being a car guy, and just happening to read the chapter, I responded a Rolls Royce. My teacher also being car guy said I was wrong, it did not say, but I think he was so primed to say I was wrong, which prompted me to locate the paragraph and point it out.

But, my ability to get by is a talent that I am disappointed to say has worked well for me. Merely making excuses, and then using logic and troubleshooting talents to bail me out.

Now, I have committed to follow Christ, and excuses have to stop, They are no longer as prevalent as before, but from time to time, they happen.

Still, I hear many people who are Christians making excuses for not following God's Word which reflects poorly on those who either don't believe or are struggling to build their relationship with Christ.

At some point, excuses have to stop because we need to be an example for others around us.

Making Excuses in Celebrate Recovery

I admit that I have failed to write out my responses to questions in the Celebrate Recovery program that I am doing with others in my Church. Writing out our answers is not a requirement for participation, but having the responses made a significant impact when done.

Sunday, I joined in on the Rooted program, a series that lasts ten weeks. I received my book at 12:30, went to Starbuck's and worked on my daily work for the first week. I made it through three days worth, before attending the meeting. I realized how important it is to have my answers ready, and yet there were several who did not complete any of the days and had attended the previous week.

It is two days into the book for Week three work, and I am caught up. I know that by doing the daily reading and writing, I won make excuses because I am committed to doing the work necessary to get the full value of the program.

I've written about using Things, a task and objective tracking program on the Mac, which is helping me to stop making excuses in other areas of my life, but some influences lead to me making excuses. Those influences are not the fault of others, and they are my responsibility because I choose to divert from the work I have to complete. The key is, I “choose,” which means I have a choice, and I have to make better decisions.

Making better decisions, I will stop making excuses for things that shouldn't be excused.