My reading material includes the Bible, a book I am reading cover-to-cover. Have you ever thought about reading the complete Bible?

I find it fascinating that most Christians have never read the Bible cover-to-cover. Most people are not interested in what the Old Testament says, and would rather focus on the New Testament, or specific verses in the Bible.

It's even possible that clergy with a degree in Theology, or even, having gone to Seminary, is without having read cover-to-cover in the Bible!

What's even more amazing to me is how much the Old Testament matters in understanding what is happening in our daily lives, through our actions, and in the world that surrounds us.

Nowhere is it required that you attend Church or read the Bible to have faith in God. I've personally always had a strong belief in God, but have spent many years away from Church, and until recently, never read the Bible.

My journey through the Bible began five weeks ago when my friend, Laura invited me to attend the non-denominational Antioch Christian Church. I've not missed attending each week since that Sunday Morning!

Laura gave me a Bible that day, and within a few days, I launched into reading the Bible cover-to-cover. Her commitment to changing her life through Christ lured me into doing the same, even though I am and always have been a firm believer.

I began to tell people that I planned on reading the Bible cover-to-cover. Everyone who commented suggested that I read specific books or sections of the Bible.

The Old Testament is somewhat difficult to read, and putting it into context requires that you read through to get the full meaning.

After reading, I've discovered that many people take verse and sections completely out of context to fit their lifestyle or judgments of others.

Keep in mind that I'm just over half through the Old Testament, but I feel I know enough now to be able to question others around me, who speak with authority as to what the Bible says.

The person I ask most is my friend, Charles(who's business is a Ministry with Christian Posters), who is a scholar when it comes to the Bible. He's read the complete Bible, cover-to-cover, several times.

Common sense – cover-to-cover in the Bible

We both see common sense and logic oozing out of reading the Bible cover-to-cover.

Do you want to learn how to navigate life better? I've uncovered strategies which help me to see better who people are, and that is proving invaluable as I navigate my future.

Remember, I said you can be a believer and not attend Church, or read a single word in the Bible. And, you don't have to believe in God to know and benefit from reading the Bible.

I challenge you to read the complete Bible. Believer or not, we will all be better people by reading the full book. Are you up to the challenge?