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Read The Four Loves by C.S. Lewis

I just finished reading the Four Loves by C.S. Lewis, a revised version from the 1960's. The book is somewhat difficult to understand, as many of the words cease to exist in today's verbiage. Some aren't even in the dictionary that the Kindle uses. That said, the Four...

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On A Mission – Stability and Reliability

I am on a mission focusing on being stable and reliable in all aspects of life. This mission began a couple of years ago, starting with reading the Bible cover-to-cover, and is now strengthening with each day. Being On a Mission Give Us Purpose Being on a mission is...

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The First Step To The Rest Of Your Life

Taking the first step is something serial entrepreneurs do over and over. But, what about in other areas of life? Are we making the first step towards a better and more fulfilling life? The first step is the road to finding joy in our world today. It happens by...

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Shark Tank Updates and Reviews

Shark Tank Entrepreneurs, Investors, Products, and Business
Get the latest on Shark Tank Entrepreneurs, Investors, Products, and Businesses related to the show in my Shark Tank Blog at

Build Your Own Blog

Resources to Build Your Own Blog
You need to have a blog and website as the foundation for your business. Having a blog and website portal is necessary for developing your business online.

WordPress gives you the website with the blog built in which is by far the most popular platform for growing your business online. WordPress installs in your hosting account, giving you control over your website and blog, unlike other platforms which essentially own your content once you publish it on their platform. hosts on WPEngine for the last several years, and I've come to rely on their professionalism for all of my clients working directly with me (I am an affiliate of WPEngine and am compensates me if you purchase through my links to the company).

In fact, I only work on websites that are hosted on WPEngine because it saves you money in support and reliability costs over other hosts.

Leveraging your website is a fantastic Marketing and Strategy tool for small businesses who look to build personal and professional brands. Leveraging a robust design based on an SEO(Search Engine Optimized) theme will help you reach your target audience and convert into sales. Capitalize on a properly setup website will make your brand rock!

  • WPEngine – Web Hosting Services designed for high-performance and availability for WordPress users. Get 20% off your first payment with this link.
  • Genesis Studio Press Themes – A wide variety of SEO and Speed optimized Child Themes offering a completely custom look to your site.
  • Elegant Themes – Extremely flexible templates that allow you to build the sites that work for you.
  • Grammarly – Designed to help you write intelligently. Checks spelling, grammar, context and more.

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I am blessed to have you here reading my blog and want to do everything I can to show my appreciation. Everything that I write is genuine, and I see everyone as my equal. I love learning from everyone no matter what you know, or your age.