Are you on a mission to make a difference in your life? Do you know you need to make changes? We can start by taking the single step in the right direction. Start every morning towards the objectives that will give us a different result.

There are so many resources available to help anyone who is on a mission to make a difference. You can read the Bible and look for practical applications, or start working on step study that will address specific life issues.

A few years ago, I started on a mission to get to know Christ better, to become a follower of Christ, and it’s gone well. But, there are times when we take a wrong step. We get caught up in the moment, and end up finding what appears to be right is not. We have to make adjustments. Take a different step away from where we were headed and course correct.

The good news is the more we learn, the closer we get to Christ, the faster we will learn what is real and what is not. We can adjust and make changes that work so that we are back on track headed in the right direction and get ready to experience a better life.

Lean on our brothers and sisters in Christ to help us see more clearly when we are on a mission. We need to rely on those who are solid in their faith, who can see what we might not be able to see and let God work through them to help protect us and guide us.

God Speaks to Us While On a Mission

God will speak to us through them when we hear a similar message that makes sense coming from them. Sometimes our vision will come through reading scripture or even through reading books and listening to video Bible studies. It is incredible how they can enlighten our path.

We may experience setbacks while on our mission. This is highly likely, but stay focused, and do what is right to reach our objective. We just have to keep taking the next step that is the right step no matter what staying Christ-focused at all times. He will lead us to the right place when we are with Him.

Tonight, I know that I am on the right step. I am on a mission to grow towards a piece of heaven here on earth. Just wait to see what is next!