Each day begins with a single step. After that is another step, then another, and another. Are you taking the right action each time you move or do you make one false step and head down the wrong path for the rest of the day?

Everyone starts out with a single step, some of us seem to head in the right direction, but most of us are on an imperfect path. Sometimes we get lucky and unknowingly course correct, but most will accept appears as the obvious way. We say we cannot change because of the circumstances we face and often take the road we are on.

What if we started our morning taking a single step in a different direction? Would that move alter our entire day? Maybe, maybe not, as we can course correct when we are going in the wrong direction, we can change direction and start down the wrong path any other time during the trip.

The key to all of this is taking our first step to everything heading in the right direction. If we keep working towards where we want to go, we will eventually get to the desired destination. We will achieve success.

Unfortunately, few of us look at our journey in life as an adventure taking us to the desired destination. Instead, we are along for the ride. We don’t use any type of navigation, we end up where we end up.

A Single Step To Your Destination

What is your destination and are you taking a single step, the right step towards your goal every morning, or are you going down a different path? Do you know what the first step is to get to that place?

Most of us are caught up in the monotony of life, letting it take us wherever we end up. Even those of us who follow Christ are often wandering aimlessly, looking for ways to live out a Christ-like life, but struggle to hit the mark.

What if we knew what the next step is, and we were on a mission to find that destination? Would life somehow change and start to look more like we want it to appear?

What if, we let Christ guide us to where He wants us to go, and we paid attention to the path that He wants us on? What do you be that we would start to look more like a godly man or woman as we are now able to do His work?

Are you going to take a single step, your next step in the right direction?

Have a great day!

The inspiration for this post comes from a daily reading in the Celebration Recovery 365 Daily Devotional book which is focused on Healing from Hurts, Habits, and Hang-ups. A Single Step is the title of the Day 2 devotional.