Taking the first step is something serial entrepreneurs do over and over. But, what about in other areas of life? Are we making the first step towards a better and more fulfilling life?

The first step is the road to finding joy in our world today. It happens by expanding our knowledge, enabling others to find success, and the process of creating something new.

We may think we are entitled to have an enjoyable and exciting life because of our experience, or ability. There is no real entitlement because of our knowledge or experience.

We think our environment is the key to happiness, but changing environments offers short-term satisfaction because the new experience quickly becomes mundane.

The joy we have from our past experiences is nothing but a memory that will provide occasional comfort, but overall grief as we sit in misery wondering why it did not last.

The First Step – Next Step to Finding Fulfillment

What then are we to do with ourselves? We have to take the next step to find that which fulfills us. We have many choices to make a difference. Whatever we decide, it needs to be something that will challenge us while engaging in our experience.

That's why I love entrepreneurship. There is always something to learn, a mountain to move, and the thrill of the process. Writing a blog is challenging in itself as you go into deep thought to provide valuable content.

For some people, the first step means breaking an addiction, making a better life for a loved one, or someone you don't even know. It's not about praise or notoriety, but the personal satisfaction of knowing you did well.

Every moment is a chance for taking the first step to changing your life for the better. God gives us free will, and what we do with that free will makes all the difference in the world.

What we don't realize is the next step is always the first step to the rest of our life. Are we willing to make the right steps?