Feeling the Holy Spirit at work inside of you is the most incredibly powerful feeling you can have. It is a power that is beyond you, not you, but God brought you to him, working through you.

The feeling of the Holy Spirit working inside of you will seem to subside as you become used to Him. There are times when we are doing his work consistently, which normalizes the experience. You may think He is not there, but He is.

I remember having an intense feeling of the Holy Spirit inside of me during my first Rooted class. Since that time, I have noticed Him less, but today, He is present and strong as ever.

Today is a day of growth. I am feeling Him, knowing I am a step closer to Christ. I know I will never be good enough but will seek to come closer to Him in everything I do.

Feeling the Holy Spirit Work On Others

Now, I see the Holy Spirit working in people who are seeking Him in ways that seemed not possible. They are teaching to be a better follower of Christ, learning how they are strengthening their relationship with Him.

Not only that, they are showing me my weaknesses, where I am not so Christ-like, teaching me to be more compassionate, to understand how my actions and words can hurt others unintentionally, which is often worse than someone who does it intentionally.

They are making the Holy Spirit known inside of me, helping me to seek Him even more, to follow His guidance, and to ensure that He will work through me to bring others to Christ.

The beauty of all of us, as we work to get closer to Christ is being able to bring the Holy Spirit to us, and reach others through His work inside of us.

It's incredible how anyone feeling the Holy Spirit inside of them, no matter where they are in their walk can help another human being, believer or not, no matter how healthy their relationship with Christ is.

We as Christians are so blessed to have Him with us in everything we do. All we have to do is accept what he is offering us.