Let's be real. My life has pretty much been a bullet train flying down the track, or a train wreck. Everything Changed in the last half of 2018. I gained a little bit of faith that goes a long way toward stability.

No matter what I did, I never really found the bedrock to stabilize my world. Now, I am secure in my decisions. I am no longer focused on choosing the ones that seam easy, but the tough ones that produce results.

Bedrock for a Little Bit of Faith

The bedrock of being able to have a little bit of faith is my growth in becoming a follower of Christ, not just a believer, or even a fan. There is no security or stability for me without being a follower.

That means that in my writing that you are going to find me sharing more about my faith and walk with Christ because it is a part of every day of my life. That means that some of you will quit reading what I write because you aren't a believer. I hope that is not the case, but we all have free will to choose and do what we want.

Some of you, who are questioning will keep reading, wanting to know more about what is changing me and my life. Maybe you have been searching, or even given up. I know that feeling as well.

What nailed the deal is my participation in Rooted in the last half of 2018. Just about the time of my previous post in this blog. Rooted changed me so much and changed my life to the point where incredible things are happening.

What's changed is I am learning to have a healthy relationship, and more importantly, others are feeding off my energy as a follower. They are growing in their relationships with others and more importantly with their relationship with Christ.

Little bit of Faith gives improvement everywhere

There is not a single area that is lacking significant improvement in my life. Everything from my most personal relationships to business transactions proves to be more comfortable. The ups and downs are smoothed out in the most challenging of times, and I now have so much joy to share in my life.

My Rooted ten-week class at Church is the foundation of the changes, and now I am about to embark on leading a group of others who are seeking to discover what I found in this incredible journey. I will be so excited to share my experiences as I continue to grow in my walk with Christ and you.

Have a wonderful day!