Today, my daily devotional reading is focusing on all things are possible with God. It's true, that anything is possible if we let God in to do His work on us. We need to give up our will to let Him in, to let Him do for us what is so great.

With God, it's possible because he gives me an unbelievable amount of patience to stick with people I believe in when they don't believe in themselves, or even me. It doesn't matter, because when you put your faith in Christ, anything is possible.

You see, I am strongest when I am helping others, and the joy comes when you see them move closer to Christ. You know that you've been used to do God's work.

It's easy to get enthused and have rose colored glasses on, but we are going through recovery, and with recovery comes setbacks. It is a part of the process. The joy sometimes causes the patience to slip, and we have to go back to remember what is possible with God is a little bit closer than before.

Anything is Possible with God – Overcoming Setbacks

We can throw in the towel because of a setback. Don't waste what we have worked so hard to accomplish. We have to remember that the Holy Spirit is saying don't give up, we are closer than we think. I won't give up. keep going. I know that God has this under control.

My mission changed, my focus turned stronger towards Christ, and with that, all things become possible as moving forward will bring bigger and better experiences.

We have to fight old habits that suck us back to where we don't want to go. They may be enticing, but we have to remember where we landed. We have to look to whats possible walking with Christ.

I am still loyal, more than ever. My thoughts wander, the temptation to react, but with reaction is destruction. I cannot go there anymore. No, I am going to stick with Christ, even stronger than before. I want Him to guide my life, no matter what that looks like, no matter where He takes me. I want what is possible with God.