Does understanding the Serenity Prayer interest you? How many of the millions of people who know and say this prayer have a grasp on what they are asking? I think there are quite a few that don't.

I believe, understanding the serenity prayer, is necessary when saying it because God will know if you are saying it without comprehending it.

Keep in mind, that there are two forms to the Serenity Prayer. One is the short version that Alcoholics Anonymous uses, and then there is the original version, used by Christian based programs. We are going to break down the full version.

When we say God

When we say, God, we understand what that means as Christians. It is the one God, the only God, but if you are using it in AA, it means your Higher Power, whatever that is. Keep in mind, AA's twelve-step program originated in a Christian organization and is adapted to cater to all beliefs, allowing the organization to reach the maximum amount of people possible.

  • The first line of the Serenity Prayer is, “God, grant me the serenity.”

We identified God, and understand him as to be the one and only Christian God that we are speaking to in this instance. Serenity is calm, peace, and being untroubled. Our request is for God to grant us Serenity, or relaxed, quiet, and to keep us from being troubled.

  • The second line of the Serenity Prayer is, “to accept the things I cannot change.”

We can't change the past, our age, weather, traffic, flight delays, the motives of other people, and any number of other things.

The Courage to Change

  • The third line is “the courage to change the things I can.”

So what are the things that you can change?

We can change the people who we are around, and find those who have a faith that lifts us, who say things that won't tear us down. Engage people who want us to do well, and use their words to reinforce and strengthen us.

We can change our habits, our daily routines. Start each day with the first step in a different direction, one that takes us down the right path, not the wrong way.

New uplifting thoughts

Start with new thoughts, that are positive and uplifting. We are alive, and we have the world to conquer, so many things we can do. Use our talents to bring joy in this world. Yes, we all have skills that are valuable to others. What do you know that will make a difference in the lives of others.

Change your faith, giving so much to God, have faith in yourself, don't doubt for a minute, because the doubt is what will keep you from what is possible. Never look back, believe, and it will happen. I know this to be true, as I've seen what is possible with God, and I know what is not when you don't believe.

  • The next line is, “The wisdom to know the difference.”

I love this line, as wisdom is making a decision based on what we know from the past, based on our knowledge and using good judgment.

Do we allow others to influence us that are not so qualified? Will we let emotions in that need not be there, but will we use what we know to be accurate, and rely on faith from God, without a doubt to see things through?

We all have wisdom, but are we strong enough to use it? I think so if we give ourselves a chance!

Understanding the Serenity Prayer – Complete Version

The secular version of the Serenity Prayer ends here, but there is more. The original Christian prayer continues:

  • The next line is, “Living one day at a time.”

Living one day at a time does not mean living to get by, it means to get everything you can out of this day. Seizing the moment, and making it count.

Living in the past, or living in the future won't fulfill you, or help you to do better, and be better than what you can do with what you have right now.

Use this moment to change your future. Make sure it counts because it will make what you have coming worth so much more.

  • Line 6 is “Enjoying one moment at a time.”

We can emphasize what I just suggested by making every moment count.

I liken it to walking into a restaurant staffed by ladies who never seem to smile and tell them how much you appreciate them. Put a smile on their face, and it will last a lifetime.

It lasts a lifetime not only for them but for yourself as well. I've done this and will do it again. Every time I think of it, I get a warm heart, and a smile on my face, even with nobody else around. It is the greatest joy to impact the heart of another.

Enjoying Each Moment – Understanding the Serenity Prayer

Enjoy one moment a time, make it count!

  • Line 7 is “accepting hardship as a pathway to peace.”

We are going to experience pain in our journey. The question is, will we deal with it, know it is part of the process and let it go? The sooner we do, the faster we will get to enjoy our life the way intended. We don't need to live in misery, and we can find our joy.

  • Line 8-9 is “taking, as Jesus did, this sinful world as it is.”

It's tough to take this sinful world as it is, especially when treated poorly. Of course, then when we sin, we have to think about the way we are treating others.

  • Line 10 is “not as I would have it.”

Hopefully, we would take this world sinless, but that's difficult given that we all are sinners.

  • Line 11 is “trusting that You will make all things right.”

Thank you for taking care of our sins, for correcting our wrongs, and helping us to focus on you so that we might become better people.

  • Line 12-14 is “if I surrender to your will; so that I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with you forever in the next.

Surrounding to God

Surrendering to God's will is complicated because we will always need to be consciously working on it. If we do it, will we be filled with joy? The Bible says we will be happy in heaven, and with faith, we know this to be true.

Are you understanding the Serenity Prayer a little bit better than before reading this post.