Identifying and setting boundaries can be a challenge for a lot of people. Physical boundaries are natural to see, but spiritual boundaries are not.

We might not even know what our spiritual boundaries despite expecting others to respect them.

Identifying boundaries helps us to have better relationships with family, friends, and others.

Boundaries for ourselves – Accountability

We hold ourselves accountable, which allows us to define our spiritual boundaries for others. When we are clear, we can move forward without having to struggle with what we mean.

That's why Henry Cloud's and Dr. John Townsens book, Boundaries is so valuable. The book helps us to identify where we draw a line in the sand and stick to them. Some may not like what we define as our limits, but we gain respect and do not have to struggle with what we will and won't do.

What I find interesting is how many times the book speaks of controlling issues. You would assume that the more you are in control, the more controlling you are, but that is not the case. If you have clearly defined lines, you won't need to be controlling.

The book goes on to cover how each boundary is developed, beginning right from birth, and continuing as we grow as children. How are parents raise us and handle us is crucial right from birth. We may have to go back and unlearn patterns that our parents thought best but left an impact through our entire life.

I found most interesting the boundaries we have in our relationship with God. If we chose to be alone, He would leave us alone. He is always there for us, regardless of our pursuit or lack of for Him.

The book closes in the final chapters with developing a healthy boundary, something that requires support from others who know your efforts, and a lot of practice. I do believe that taking these steps will make a substantial difference and is worth the effort.

My first experience of Boundaries, the book, almost twenty years ago, and I wished I had read it then, but am so glad that I am experiencing it today. I would highly recommend this book for anyone.