Do you read the Bible Regularly? If you want to be a Godly Man, don't you think reading the Bible daily would be a good part of your plan?

Reading the Bible daily likely entails more than reading a line or two of scripture. I would think someone who is seeking to be a Godly Man would read at least a chapter every day, don't you?

Three Chapters a Day as a Great Start to Reading the Bible Regularly

You can read three chapters a day and finish the Bible in around a year. In most cases, it won't take that much time out of your day as quite a few chapters are short.

It took me seven weeks to read the entire Bible cover-to-cover. I read from beginning to end, and I am not sure that I will do that again, but it is a great experience, and uniquely allowing to see scripture in a different way.

The Old Testament is strong both in understanding and evoking an emotional response. Reading the Old Testament was a bit of a challenge, and caused me discomfort as I read. It wasn't until I got into the New Testament before I became comfortable with where I am in my walk.

Several years have gone by since reading cover-to-cover, but the process brought me closer to Christ and is a huge step towards becoming a Godly Man. The process rewards you with respect from other Christians as very few have read the Bible in its entirety, and even fewer read cover-to-cover.

If you read the Bible regularly, you will be more conscious of your actions, and relate them to scripture. It is a great opportunity to live out the kind of life that Christ wants for us.

Keep in mind, that reading the Bible entirely from cover-to-cover won't make you a Godly Man, but it will give you the foundation to build on. I don't think anyone will truly become a Godly Man, but there are those who are closer than others and it is a worthwhile journey. I hope you will read the Bible regularly, and enjoy it as much as I do.