The simple view of life is something I wish I could find in my head and heart. I struggle with overthinking everything, trying to find a reason for what is happening right now. That's probably the source of my desperation that I wrote about yesterday.

Dave's Simple View of Life

There's a guy named David, who has a simple view of life. Every morning David goes to Starbuck's and says hi, have a great day to everyone that comes into the store. He says it to everyone. He is so simple and assuming and seems like one of the happiest guys I have met. I would love to have his appreciation for everyone.

Then I think about what goes through my head, and it is not a simple view of life. There are times that I can channel a more simplistic view, but it seems like I cannot handle but seek more meaning. I have a thirst for my faith, and my relationship with God, a source of learning that will never end.

The challenge with learning about God is that he is so vast, that I can never fully comprehend what he is all about. The idea of even trying is disturbing in itself. That's where faith comes in. We have to accept that we cannot know even a sliver about God, but that He is our source to all that is great.

That's where I need to channel my enthusiasm for God and begin to narrow my focus to what He wants for me. Instead of trying to learn everything there is, I need to use what I have to become productive for Him. I need to take that little part that I do know, and then do my best to honor Him in my walk, in everything I do.

It's funny, thinking that finding a simple view of life is what I need most, and I haven't even been praying about it!