Are you thinking about getting married? If you want to get married, have you thought about educating yourself on finding a great spouse?

If you are thinking about getting married or finding a mate, consider reading “The Sacred Search” by Gary Thomas. I wish I would have had this available when I started in life!

Why are you thinking about marriage?

Most people go through life searching for the right person to marry. We should be thinking about why we want to get married. The Sacred Search helps us to find that answer and so much more.

The Sacred Search focuses on Christian marriage, and you'll find it valuable even if you aren't Christian. You'll rethink what you're looking for in a relationship after reading this book.

I love how in depth the Sacred Search focuses on relationships. The Emphasis is on relationships that will last a lifetime. Get the tools to score the potential of any relationship.

Thinking about getting married? Find an incredible match!

You will learn that what appears to be an incredible match initially is often a troubled relationship in the making after years because it starts on superficial feelings and physical appearances which don't last.

Find out how to get to the core of what a potential mate looks like through signals that are not apparent at least on the surface. Is the prospective partner a giver or a taker, and which one is compatible with you?

Is there only one potentially perfect mate for you, or are there several people that will make suitable matches, we have to know how to pick the right one?

There is a pretty good chance I would have married differently and not had three marriages if I had read this book early in my life. I'm thankful that I've read it now as it has changed my perspective on what to look for in a relationship.

Read it even if you are married. It can be a tool to help save your marriage.

Improve communication between you and your spouse, especially if you are Christian because if you are seeking a biblical relationship, you know marriage is for life.