Would you like to know how you can build on your relationship with Christ? Christians inside and outside the Church struggle with the same issues and are unsure how to have a deeper connection with and for Christ.

Fortunately, there is considerable focus placed on developing stronger bonds with Christ, which leads to relationships inside our community with others.

You can build on your relationship with Christ through a 10-week journey called Rooted. My Church(Antioch Christian Church) is offering Rooted to anyone interested in working on relationships with Christ and others.

You don't have to be a member or become a member of our Church. Everyone regardless of your walk is welcome to participate in Rooted.

You'll experience others who are in different places in their walk without being judged, in an open and friendly environment. Nobody is going to “fix you,” instead we are going to listen, and share.

We will work on strengthening our prayer, both individually and together. We'll get to know the Bible better, and have reading material, as well as keep a daily journal during the experience.

Some of the Rooted participants make a decision and are baptized during their journey. It is a personal choice to experience when you are ready to make that commitment to Christ.

Build on Your Relationship with Christ with Others

We all learn and grow hearing from people in all different places in life. Some are not believers, while others are choosing to become followers of Christ through the experience.

Regardless of where you are at, you will develop relationships and strong bonds with others in your group if your heart and mind are open.

Everyone, from the facilitators to the participants, experience an incredible journey during the ten weeks and beyond. Some of us have a renewed thirst to walk with Christ, while others are coming to Him for the first time in their life. Wherever you are, you can't help but improve your relationship with Christ.

You can learn more about Rooted by getting in touch with me if you are in my area, or go to the official Rooted website and request more information. I highly recommend it, and hope to see you soon.