Rent-a-Grandma Shark Tank Pitch

Todd Colby Pliss has a new concept in staffing needs, Rent-a-Grandma. He is utilizing grandmothers for baby sitting jobs because they are more reliable and likely to focus on your child. Grandma's concentrate on the kids instead of electronics.

Rent-a-Grandma launched the previous year, and has fifty grandma's at the time of the Shark Tank pitch.

Sales for the year are at $25,000 and a grandmother gets paid $14-20 an hour, while the typical babysitter gets $10-13 an hour. Clients sign a placement agreement with 10-15% upfront for placement.

Todd wants to franchise his business but he doesn't have the numbers and the proven system to demonstrate for potential franchisees. The company has a replacement guarantee offering up to three grandmas if the placement does not work out.

Rent-a-Grandma Episode Data

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Rent-a-Grandma?

  • Mark Cuban – thinks he has a good idea that he can build on but he does not want to be in this type of business so he is out.
  • Daymond John – is out when he hears about the placement guarantee.
  • Kevin O'Leary – doesn't like the numbers so he is out.
  • Barbara Corcoran – loves the name. She doesn't think this is her type of business so she is out.
  • Robert Herjavec – says he is doing $25,000 and is a long way from franchising so he is out.

Rent-a-Grandma after Shark Tank

The business isn't just for kids. The company now does pet sitting as well according to the companies website. They offer babysitters, nannies, after school care, housekeepers, senior care, personal assistants and more.