I'm getting serious about making money online using affiliate marketing. The question still pops up today, “Can you make money blogging?” The answer is yes. I make money blogging with affiliate marketing, albeit it has not been much because I have not primed the pump.

Why wouldn't I blog to make money online if it is that easy? Well, I never said it is easy. It takes a lot of work and dedication to build a site that will make a living wage, and even more to hit it out of the park.

Distractions continuously get in the way, forcing bloggers to make decisions on how they spend their time. Often, the immediate reward beats out the longer term strategy necessary for Affiliate Marketing success.

Like everyone else, I get distracted by taking care of my needs for today and this week. Focusing on building an online business comes second and often last when it should be first. Working ongoing revenue opportunities that pay off long-term remove the need to work on quick paying immediate projects and offer a better lifestyle.

Building a blog like mine takes a strategic plan executed over a six to nine-month window to start recognizing enough income for basic living, but what comes next is a complete change of lifestyle. You still have to work your blog and social media, but the payoff lets you live life like nobody else, like a few others I know who are using the same formula for years.

Getting Serious about making money online like John Chow and Pat Flynn

People like my friend John Chow, who is knocking down over $200,000.00 a month. I could be doing close to what he is doing if I had kept working it when I worked the bloggers/affiliate marketers circuit. We would attend Affiliate Summit, the industry trade show that happens twice a year. But, life took a turn for me, and I took my content down, falling out of the industry.

Fast forward to today, and I've woke up. I am ready to go out and build another business. This one is entirely on me(with a lot of help from God) and, I already know everything I need to be doing to make it happen.

Why didn't I make it happen? I got scared and did not like the attention that blogging brings. I wanted to find something low key, and not be in the spotlight. Plus, I have been through some dark times over the last several years.

No college degree? No problem!

My challenge is that I am without a college degree, which means that finding a high paying job working for management is not going to happen. I need to create my destiny like I always have. And, I know what I am doing, I just have to make it happen.

I know that this plan works with proof being another guy, Pat Flynn with Smart Passive Income. I connected with Pat when we were in an online mastermind group called Internet Business Mastery. Back then, Pat knew nothing about marketing, business, and entrepreneurship.

I remember when Pat received a “cease and desist” letter over a domain name, Pat backed down when he could have leveraged the domain to his favor.

But, that wasn't in Pat's nature, so he switched the domain to avoid conflict. I thought Pat should have fought it, but I believe him sharing the battle in the group won him more favor amongst others than he would have had otherwise challenged to use the domain.

Getting serious about making money online even with no experience

I thought Pat was too inexperienced, and he was, but he kept learning and asking questions. Then, he started to build his brand documenting his failures and ultimately his successes. He sucked people into his name using total transparency.

Pat's strategy worked, and he is now the authority on creating passive income online. He is killing it with his top-rated podcast. Best of all, Pat is still the same person that I knew back in the Internet Business Mastery days.

Today, Pat is a huge billboard(Okay, nametag. Pat used to where this massive badge at conferences that said, “Hi, I'm Pat”) that reminds me where I should be because I know how to do, and am capable of doing everything he does. On top of that, I knew way more than he did when he first started, yet I chose not to use those skills.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not jealous of Pat. I'm thankful for Pat because I know that if I apply what this knowledge and skill the same success will come my way. Thanks Pat for making me realize this.

Both Pat and John are consistently delivering quality content. They know that repetition is necessary to building substantial income. Affiliate marketing is the primary source of their ongoing revenue despite having very different approaches, and style.

Getting serious about making money online – Shawn Collins and Missy Ward

I know others who are making significant money at Affiliate Marketing too. People like Shawn Collins and Missy Ward, who are the founders of the Affiliate Marketing Summit. They are great people who want to help everyone succeed. Talk about Pay it Forward. And Shawn is always jumping in and encouraging me to show up at Affiliate Summit, which is coming up in Las Vegas this January.

It's time for getting serious about making money online using affiliate marketing. I have an excellent opportunity with my domain (I have had KirkTaylor.com for almost 18 years). I have over 500 blog posts currently, and have content to generate over a thousand more.

Struggling with fear and a consistent plan

I've struggled with sticking with a consistent plan. Fear, needs and a host of other reasons have foiled my efforts over the years. This time is different. I'm learning how to be tenaciously disciplined thanks to my study of the Bible and my faith in God. I need to build security with consistent income as I broke the 50 year age barrier earlier this year. And, I do enjoy marketing online.

My goal is to provide a secure base of reoccurring revenues to support my family and change my life forever. I am at the beginning(again) of rebuilding this blog to make money using affiliate marketing

This is the beginning of building this blog out and making money using affiliate marketing.

My goal is to go to use this site to achieve success and live the kind of life that brings freedom, peace, and happiness. Welcome to my pursuit of happiness!

Getting Serious about making money online using aWeber

I went over to aWeber and signed up again so that I have the all-important list building tool. People like John and Pat will tell you that the list is paramount to your business.

The first time I built my list, I used John Chow's affiliate link. So in honor of my friend John, I returned and once again signed up through John. Your welcome John, you deserve the sale.

One of the things that both John and I like about Aweber is their lifetime percentage payout in their affiliate program. As your signups build the size of their list, your earning potential goes up because you are sharing a percentage of the lifetime billing. What a great way to make money from a product that is the center of your list of followers. Aweber is an excellent way of getting serious about making money online.

Thank you for reading, and please do signup for my brand new newsletter and site updates. I will teach you everything I am doing to turn this website into financial and more importantly personal success.

Are you getting serious about making money online? Do what I am doing.

Do what I do, and you will be getting serious about making money online using your domain and experiences. Believe it or not, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to pull this off.

One more thing, the last year of my life is full of significant change. I am now a follower of Christ, who face more challenges than ever before, and yet am happier than ever. The hardships that I am enduring opened the door to see what I've been missing. Thank you, Jesus, for showing me my faults so that I am now working on overcoming them.