Are you listening to god or are you doing God's work? Most of us are looking to God's word. Some of us will read the Bible, others will attend Church on Sunday, but how many are doing God's work?

We go through a process in our walk with Christ, beginning with listening to God's word, and then some of us will seek more, the real blessing, and start doing God's work. Where are you in the process?

The real joy in having a personal relationship with Jesus is doing God's work. We experience something far more significant than anything we can receive by sitting in Church on Sunday. We have the gift of giving to others and seeing them grow in their relationship with Christ.

Trading off Doing God's Work for Listening to Him

Don't make the mistake of trading off sitting in Church on Sunday, hearing God's word, with doing God's work. Sitting in Church on Sunday is being in God's community, and both are significant and necessary in our walk with Christ.

Feeling the blessings that are pouring out on people who need them most, and ourselves is incredible. Miracles begin to happen for them, and us. The more we seek him, the more we feel the Holy Spirit working our life.

Following Christ, doing His work is not an easy task, nor is it an easy choice. It requires commitment and dedication that can be painful, and even as we go through times where we question our decision, we still persevere.

When we think, why are our efforts not working, what are we doing wrong, we feel the blessings begin to overflow beyond our wildest imagination. The peace, the joy, and the happiness of what we never thought possible come to us and then we know why we are serving and following the path He created for us.

I encourage you to hear God's word and then do God's work. Open your heart to let others give to you, and do so you can receive by giving to others.