Combat Flip Flops Shark Tank Pitch

Combat Flip Flops supports people surviving in war torn environments. They want to enlist the Sharks in the unarmed forces. Donald and Matthew provide  peaceful sustainable change in areas that need hope.

They make footwear in Bogota, Columbia. They support craftsmen, not cartels. Belts, and Cashmere is made in Afghanistan, and they make jewelry out of disarmed land miles.

Donald Lee and Mathew Griffin talked about starting Combat Flip Flops while serving as Rangers in Afghanistan.

The flip-flops cost $25 to make because they airship them in and they sell them for $70. They are already at $150,000 and are profitable in the Shark Tank pitch.

Combat Flip Flops Episode Data

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Combat Flip Flops?

  • Mark Cuban – is a huge proponent of business over bullets. Mark and Daymond are both big believers and think there is a bigger picture than just focusing on the footwear. They offer $200,000 for 25%. They come back asking for $300,000 for 30% and Lori is in with Mark and Daymond.
  • Daymond John – asks if they are able to scale the business, and they have guys that know how to scale. Daymond thinks if they go narrow and deep they are alienating many areas.
  • Kevin O'Leary – thinks what they are doing is good and noble, but the number of products makes it difficult. If they focused on footwear building it up they could expand later. Kevin is out. Donald hands Kevin a marker for the dead.
  • Lori Greiner – likes the mission, and loves what they do for the company and feels that they should focus on a strength. She is willing to make an offer if someone else goes in with her.
  • Robert Herjavec – is challenged with how they scale this with so many products. He thinks they need to go narrow and deep. Robert is out.