About Billy Blanks Jr.'s Dance With Me

Billy Blanks Jr.'s Dance With Me is a program that Billy and his wife created while being homeless. He wants the Sharks to help him bring this idea to the world. His father is the creator of Tae Bo, and he danced on Broadway. He is looking to make it on his own.

Billy does a demonstration and gets Mark Cuban to come out and dance with them. He currently has two DVD's out already, but he wants to create an instructor certification program. The instructor comes and they take a two day course for $250, and they are certified for a year. Billy wants to give them a piece of the instructor business, but not the retailer business. They get Billy to add the retail business to the deal.

Tae Bo is a karate kickboxing business, and he did not invest in Billy's business. His dad is making him earn his money. His father knew he was homeless when he started, but their relationship is better, and they have the same agent.

Billy Blanks Jr.'s Dance With Me

Episode Data

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Billy Blanks Jr.'s Dance With Me?

  • Mark Cuban –  Mark is in with Daymond at $100,000 for 50% equity, provided Zumba will do the deal.
  • Daymond John – tells Billy he has a tight relationship with Zumba, and he wants to put a deal together with them. He also asks Mark Cuban to come in and he agrees.
  • Kevin O'Leary – thinks he is a great guy, but it is not an investment for him. He is out.
  • Barbara Corcoran – She impressed with him, but as a business it is not clear to her. She is out.
  • Robert Herjavec – is impressed with him, but as a value business partner, he's not the guy. He is out.

Billy Blanks Jr.'s Dance With Me after Shark Tank

The partnership with Zuma did not happen after the show, and Billy Blanks Jr. changed the name of his program to “Dance It Out” His product is selling online today.