Cab20 is a band that shows their talent by playing music on Shark Tank. Having a group come in as an investment on Shark Tank is an unusual pitch, but the Sharks like the music.

Cab20 Sings on Shark Tank

Cab20 is a company that pitched on Shark Tank Season 3 Episode 14. They received an offer from Kevin O'Leary for $200,000 for 50% equity of everything, but Tom Callahan rejected Kevin's offer. Robert Herjavec offered to jump in with Kevin on the deal, but Tom comes back at $250,000 for 50%. The Sharks turn down the offer. Kevin tells them to rename the band, “You're Dead To Me!”

The name, Cab20 came about when Bert Hoover was in a cab in Austin. The dispatcher warned the drivers to watch out for pedestrians, and then said, “Even you Cab20!” That stuck in Bert's mind, so he named the group after the cab dispatchers comment. The investors on Shark Tank did not ask how he named the band.

Season: 3 Episode 14
First Run: 2012/5/11
Shark: Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Robert Herjavec
Company: Cab20
Entrepreneurs: Tom Callahan, Bert Hoover
Ask: $200k for a 20% equity
Deal: Offer, But No Deal

Fast forward to today and Cab20 is not active. However, a message in late 2017 on the website says they are back with no further messages. They are not offering a 360 deal which is excluding publishing for the deal.

The band recorded an album after their appearance on Shark Tank but seemed to die out shortly after with posts on Twitter non-existent after 2015.

What do the Sharks say about Cab20

Mark Cuban thinks the music business is the worst, so he is out.

Daymond had a bad experience in the music business, so he is out.

Barbara Corcoran likes Bert, he looks like a virgin, and the girls are going to go nuts for him. She wouldn't buy into Tom Callahan because she doesn't seem like he is going to bust down the door, but he's a big-time Black Belt in Martial Arts.