WP Engine has acquired Studio Press and the Genesis framework to become part of their portfolio. The company will now offer WP engine uses free access(Beginning September 2018) to their themes and the Genesis Framework on the Growth Plan.

WP Engine Hosting is the Company I Use

WP Engine is the company I use to host all my sites. Studio Press themes and the Genesis Framework offer some of the best SEO Friendly WordPress designs anywhere.

Having a top-notch WordPress web hosting company is critical to the performance and success of your blog or website. WP Engine is known for delivering this level of quality.

Ease of use is unparalleled with the combination of WP Engine and Studio Press Genesis Framework templates. Tutorials help you navigate setup or opt to have someone install and set up your Studio Press and Genesis Framework sites for you.

Contact me if you would like a quote to set up one of the Studio Press themes to work for your blog or business.

Have Me Setup WP Hosting

There are additional benefits to having me set up your WP Engine Studio Press site. I will include installation of JetPack by Automatic for tracking your stats and linking to social media.

There are 36 different templates available in the Studio Press Genesis Framework package. Each Growth account from WP Engine allows for 10 WordPress installs and 100,000 visits a month. That is plenty of power to run a successful blog under nearly any circumstances.

The package offers what you need to quit dreaming and start doing today! Seriously, find your passion, share it with the world and head down your path to finding a new career writing and talking about what you love most.

Seriously, get started and stay focused. Building a blog offers you an opportunity to go where you want when you want if you take it seriously. Quit Dreaming and Start Doing what you want today!