How many of you need to quit dreaming and start doing right now? Quite a few I would bet! Getting started is the most significant barrier to entry for most people who are busy learning and waiting for the right moment.

Taking your time to study up and learn from experts is all good for people who want to dream about what is possible, but you have to start doing it if you are going to make it a reality.

Sure, people might think you are crazy for getting started on your project, they will tell you it won't work, I know the drill. The truth is, they can't make it work, but if you have the passion and tenacity you may find yourself proving them wrong!

Work on What You Want Most – Quit Dreaming and Start Doing

Those that quit dreaming and start doing are the ones who get the joy of working on what they want most. They know that reading about how to do something is not doing something.

I remember a guy coming up to me who had just graduated from MBA school. He told me now that he knows how to be successful and make a business work because he has his Master In Business Administration. Yes, that's right!

He went to school and now thinks that he can start a company guaranteed to succeed. How many of you believe that this guy is a success because he went to MBA school? He never started a business and is working for someone else.

The bottom line is that reading about it, learning from other people and waiting is never going to make you an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs make mistakes, we take risks and learn by doing. We quit dreaming and start doing today, not after we have read all the books or talked about it with our buddies.

I started building my first website within one hour after signing on to American Online and connecting to the Internet in 1995! The site listed limousine companies all over the world and two years later had a directory of 32,000 limousines companies. No dreaming, no asking no education, just doing.

I've started several other ventures since then, but I've also spent time dreaming and not doing, talking and not doing. The bottom line is telling your buddy, or your spouse is going to get you nowhere fast. Just do it and make it happen.

My blog has tens of thousands of people hitting it every month because it has over a thousand pages of content all published by myself. It generates revenue every month. Nearly a thousand posts are in just this year!

What if I would have spent the last eighteen years publishing 1,000 posts a year? This blog would have so much content that the revenue generated would be more than enough to have an incredibly comfortable life.

Just think about what you could do with eighteen times the revenue generated from the current content!

Think of the time you spend watching television, surfing the web or sitting at the bar! What if you took that time and put it into writing content in your blog? How much would you save doing something productive, and even get paid for your efforts with passive income!

The time is now to quit dreaming and start doing. Give up cable, end meaningless conversations, give up the bottle! Start living the life you deserve today!

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