The last ten days have kept me busy working on other projects. Those projects happen every time you get into the rhythm or producing regular content.

Next thing you know you are distracted from focusing on developing your passive income base. You find yourself having to start over, on your run to consistently produce quality content daily.

Immediate financial needs dictate the necessity of working on other projects. But, those projects should not dominate the time you need to build on your long term objectives. And, that is advice to myself.

Professional online marketers and bloggers depend on frequently returning readers. The readers develop a personal relationship with you as you build your content. That relationship dictates content produced at regular intervals and preferably multiple times a day.

Working on other projects delays the relationship with you

Starting and stopping your blog causes would be regular readers to migrate to other sources of more consistent content, making it nearly impossible to establish a relationship with readers.

The good news is creating content that your readers relate to doesn't have to be specifically to the product or services that you provide. Tell the readers about yourself. Share what you feel they may find interesting. Let them see the real person behind the words.

I'm humbling myself by admitting my shortcoming of focusing on other projects. I'm doing so, to show you what the cost is when you are building an audience.

Writing a post like this is easy. It doesn't require research because you already have the words in your head. I get to make a powerful statement in a relatively short amount of time and let you know more about me.

Ironically, it is blog posts like this one that will do more to sell my personal brand, than a technical post. The technical post gives your reader what they are specifically searching for, but it doesn't develop personal relationships like this one will.

So here's the goal. Schedule yourself time to guarantee you will work on your passive income plan daily, and consistently produce content. Keep the connection with your readers.