Launching a brand, building an online presence, and securing passive income comes down to quality content produced daily. I realize that many digital marketers will argue that consistent content is sufficient.

Obviously, this is subjective to what you want to achieve. But, I'll stick with the people who are hitting it out of the park. Producing content is tough, especially when you are trying to do it by yourself.

And yes, I do realize that I have not been practicing what I preach. That's a problem, and it is time to overcome it. I have clients who are stepping up, and I need to lead by example, not by words.

Fortunately, I know what it takes to deliver, having produced over 500 posts in this blog alone. Look for that number to grow fast as I'm in the game to stay this time.

Do you not know what to write? Think simplicity. Write about the basics and work up to the details. Most marketers don't get into the details in their content; they work an idea instead.

Controversial Quality Content Produced Daily

Consider how President Donald Trump marketed his way into the Whitehouse. He brought a simple underlying message that addressed the voters who chose to cast a ballot for him.

Writing content every day is critical, and equally important is taking a position that may not be favorable to a portion of your audience. Notice how I introduced one of, if not the most controversial subjects today?

Sure, I just lost a few people, but I bet I've engaged more who are more likely to be my target audience. It is worth the risk and is proven to work by the most successful marketers I know.

We've introduced that quality content daily is an absolute to hitting your marketing efforts out of the ballpark, and a freebie of presenting controversial topics in your writing.

I'll dig more into the controversial subjects in an upcoming blog post.