I say, “So what if the election hurt a close relationship.” You now know what the people around you really think!

Don't talk about faith, politics, or money. They damage personal relationships, right? But, how do you really know the people who are around you?

Don't you feel that we should be able to have a civil conversation on the three topics without having lost a close relationship? We don't have to agree, but we surely should accept different views without judging the other person.

So what if the election conversation ends a relationship? That's a good thing because it wasn't a healthy relationship with respect. Maybe I will be able to find other people who are more engaging and are engaging, unlike individuals who claim to be accepting of others.

Discussing politics, religion, and money is a healthy thing, albeit painful. The lack of discussion is the reason this country is so profoundly divided, not a President, current or past.

Lack of discussion among friends, family, and community is the reason we are in the current conundrum we now face.

Do you think our country is more divided today? The division is not something new, what is new is we are finally speaking out, on both sides of the aisle.

Has discussing faith, politics, and money damaged friendships? Not really. These topics just exposed unhealthy relationships and allowing us to move on, or better yet, learn how to respect opposing viewpoints while holding our ground.

The closed mind in a close relationship

No matter how hard we try, we can't change a closed mind with a closed mind. No amount of openness and respect results in a positive outcome unless both sides are willing to consider the views of the other party.

Do I believe that President Trump is dividing us? No. He is saying what a considerable amount of the country thinks but is too afraid to stand up and say! The silent majority is the divider in our country.

What President Trump is doing is causing us to speak up and stand for what we believe. He is forcing the conversation amongst us, the people. Pro or against, he is the agitator that is causing conversation.

Will the country come together? I think so. We have to learn to respect each other when we disagree.

I believe the current situation will result in a better understanding and tolerance for each other. We will talk with each other and accept that we have different viewpoints. For that, we will become a better community.