What are we missing, why don't we have a bigger heart for God? Are we as Christians pushing too many people away by using rules?

Why do so many Church communities create rules, legalistic rules that aren't in the Bible? Are they failing to surrender there will to God?

Surrender our will and allow the Holy Spirit to work through us. You will begin to follow the teachings of the Bible.

I've been in the Church that claims it is accepting of everyone. You find rules that you must believe as the Church says. Unfortunately, these rules often are not what the Bible says.

Do you think a Church that makes up its own rules has a bigger heart for God, or something else?

Ironically, the Church that follows the teaching of the Bible seems most accepting and welcoming to all people, no matter what your struggles are.

We fail to have a bigger heart for God when we make up our own rules. What we aren't doing that Jesus would do. We are doing what humans do.

When we have a bigger heart for God, we then have a bigger heart for others because we know that we are not God, and we must trust Him to lead others to Him, through us.

I need to be critical of myself as well, as I make my own rules as well, neglecting what is in the Bible, and getting myself into trouble. When I focus in on the Bible, I am, and others around me are better off.

The Holy Spirit needs to work through us, guiding our actions, based on what we know to be true.

Focus on a bigger heart for God

There are far too many times, and I find myself thinking in my head, only to have to back up seeking God to guide me. Hopefully, I turn to Him before I take action well intended, but detrimental.

I find myself in that situation today, knowing of an issue to be addressed, thinking about how I can be kind, caring but firm. Yet, I have no guidance from God, as I am thinking how to do what is right, rather than submitting and seeking God's will in this situation.

Is that having a bigger heart for God? No, and I need to correct my actions before doing anything else, or it won't end well. It's time for me to go into deep prayer, and do God's will.

If we are to be the best followers of Christ, we must have a bigger heart for God. If we follow what the Bible says, we will prove to be far more caring than following the legalistic rules and regulations of good intentions.

What are you going to do? Are you going to follow what the Bible says, or do you plan on making up your own rules?