I've been waiting for perfect weather, which caused me to avoid moving forward. Winter has been so devastating that it has set me back months in the great work I had begun.

The problem is I don't need perfect weather to move forward, but it put such a damper on my attitude. It had me returning to my old ways.

Now, I am struggling to harvest what I did not put in my field. It costs me. I know that I have lost a battle. But I am getting back into the game and strengthening my resolve to do what is right.

Sharing with you that I have been waiting for perfect weather, exposes my error. It also tells you that I am not afraid to acknowledge my past and that I am changing my future. I will do better and am doing better.

The Bible has a line of scripture that perfectly addresses what I am sharing here:

Waiting for perfect Weather Misses Harvest

“Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant.
If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.” – Ecclesiastes 11:4

There are always going to be areas in our life where we are waiting for perfect weather to plant, but where we will never harvest. The challenge is recognizing those areas. We need to start planting even in imperfect weather so that we might have a better life today!

One of the ways that I am not waiting is by sharing my struggles and thoughts with you. Sure, I could get everything in order, and then offer how you can do the same. I choose to share now, as I know the process to work, and demonstrate my humility by admitting my failures allowing them to turn into strengths in front of you.

Join me, as I start my work now, despite not having perfect conditions, and I plant anyway, so that we may reap a bountiful harvest for doing the Lord's work, and helping others to live a better life.

Will you join me?