Admittedly, changing my approach to get what I want is necessary. The strategy that I have been using for some time fails to produce the best results and often leaves me falling short of my goals.

Changing my Approach is Easy, But

Changing my approach is easy, but getting the result is not so easy as there are too many things changing at the same time.  I'm throwing darts at multiple dart boards looking for the bullseye instead of focusing on one board and building points to win the game.

Eliminating distractions is necessary to change my approach. I tend to have a ton of busy things happening that have no real meaning or purpose.

e-Mail, social media, push notifications, and worthless activities are eating up meaningful time that could go to accomplishing my goals and finding happiness.

A significant factor in changing my approach is getting organized. Putting structure in place so I know what I am doing when I need to do it. Having organization means less time spent putting out fires, and more importantly, knowing what to do when I think I have nothing to do at all!

Changing my Approach to self-care

Another factor is changing how I take care of myself. That will come with more structure as it takes discipline to change routines to improve our healthy activities.

Changing my approach will impact my attitude in ways that are subtle, yet substantial. How I carry myself, what I say and project when present will improve. Self-confidence and esteem will increase. Hopefully, I will become more infectious to those I value.

Consider how fast life goes by, and how much time we waste being unhappy. Find happiness in chasing the dream instead of sadness because of what we don't have?

Hopefully, you will continue to follow my transformation as I change my approach in everything I do. Thanks for reading!