How often do you find yourself doing the right thing to achieve happiness? How many times do we do the wrong thing while pursuing happiness?

Do the Right Thing for More Then Short-Lived Pleasure

Most of us would agree, we rarely do the right thing to achieve happiness, and are more likely to do the wrong thing for immediate, short-lived pleasure.

There are those of us who are out of balance when it comes to our work-life ratio. Most of us put priorities on one or the other.

Doing the right thing depends on having a healthy work-life balance. Yes, you can accomplish this through better productivity skills. I know, it worked in my life, even though I let those skills slide over the years.

Going back to balancing work-life and using a productivity system is paramount to future success. Just thinking about how I am going to develop my strategy going forward is bringing new energy into my life.

Doing the right thing using the productivity tools is contagious to others around you. They will see the difference when you increase your productivity and want to do what you are doing.

Focusing on the right kind of accomplishments provides clarity and definition to what's most important in your life. You become goal driven and focus on making dreams you have come true.

You will go from doing whatever task is in front of you to identify the necessity first, and then redirect towards functions that accomplish your objectives. Busy work diminishes because you are focusing on your target rather than putting out a fire.

Doing the Right Thing Changes Behavior

Doing the right thing will likely necessitate a change in behavior. You'll know where you are going instead of living day-to-day. Self-esteem gains as you develop self-direction and bad habits begin to diminish.

My initial reaction to everything I do is rush the process, but it is essential to take time and make changes at a pace that becomes habit forming. Make the next step without skipping steps.

You won't need someone telling you what to do when you do the right thing. You become the leader, and others will seek you when it becomes apparent, you are a person that knows what the right thing is, all the time.