The Pop makes pacifiers cleaner by popping into a protective bubble when it drops. The action reduces the number of times you need to wash off the pacifier because of dropping to the floor. Nicki Radzely makes her Shark Tank presentation in Shark Tank Episode 919.

Her company is called Doddle and Co, which is owned by Nicki and her partner Janna Budge. What's unique is that one lives in New York and the other lives in Seoul. That's 14 time zones apart. One works in marketing and the other works in Industrial design.

The Pop – patented – design to be cleaner

The Pop's protective bubble is patented. The Pacifier is designed to keep it cleaner and requires fewer trips to the sink.

Season: 9 Episode 919
First Run: 2018/1/21
Shark: Mark Cuban, Sara Blakely, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Daymond John
Company: The Pop
Entrepreneurs: Nicki Radzely
Ask: $250k for 5% equity
Deal: Kevin O’Leary at 250K for 10%

The Pop is getting all kinds of press from Elle, Your Morning, Lauren Conrad's Blog, barycenter, pop sugar, Thrifty Littles, and more.

The Pop ran a Kickstarter campaign and raised $22,708 from 642 backers. The campaign ran in 2016.

The Pop goes back into a self-protective case as soon as the baby releases the nipple. It is made out of medical grade silicone, which is latex, lead and PVC free and is one-piece construction. You won't have to over clean.

The Pop is apparently getting a lot of o press, but the real question is will the Sharks bite on this product? Will they get to the sales? Could there be questions about the pacifier retracting and then the baby not being able to get it once it is pushed in.

Did friends and family round and raised $435,000

What the Sharks say about the Pop

Daymond = Does it pop out of the baby’s mouth? She answer no it does not.

Lori, the minute they stop sucking, does it pop out. She said it depends.

Daymond – you know your valuation is crazy. Daymond is out

Kevin O’Leary says he will do the 250k at 10% She makes the deal with Kevin O’Leary

Sara – What do you need from us? I hear you need an advisor more than anything. She offers $250k for 15% She can highlight you in her website. She needs a response. Lori counters to go in with Sara at 20% for $250k, and she asks Lori and Sara to come in with more cash at $500k. They say their offer holds at 20%.

Mark loves what you are doing  but he is about to tell her to give her a 24 second clock because she is a better partner(Sara)

Personally, if my kid's pacifier dropped on the floor, I would clean it regardless of it being pushed in. What would you do?

You can buy thePop on Amazon.