The more I use what I know, the more I realize what I am missing. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in my thirst to come closer to Christ. Every time I am sharing what I know. I find myself digging deeper, seeing more opportunity to grow and expand my faith.

Learning to use what I know to help me realize what I don't is a way to overcome issues that lead to a lack of power or control in my life.

The truth is, while I may know a lot about what I am talking about, there are always related things that remain a mystery or are subject to change.

Power – The More I Use What I Know

We tend to think we have power or control over more than we do. We count on that control for our success. The challenge is things change, people change, and they take us of course. That makes what was true yesterday, a vulnerability of today.

Just because I use what I know that has worked in the past doesn't mean that I will automatically realize what I am missing, what is new, or differences in today's world. I have to be vigilantly open to discovery of what is new or changed.

Reaching for a better understanding of everything we do will result in a greater chance for success, and fulfillment of all we want out of life.

Reading the Bible cover-to-cover opened the door to a foundation like no other. Studying the scripture in greater detail helps me to understand better what I've previously read. Each time I read, I gather more profound thoughts. I have a different view of what the scripture is sharing with me.

Additionally, as I share my knowledge with others, I uncover new questions that encourage me to dig deeper, no matter where they are in their walk with Christ.

The more I use what I know, the more growth I see in myself and others around me. We are working towards being followers of Christ. We walk among others who have a thirst to experience what we know to be the truth.