How is the dialogue on Facebook impacting your use of social media? Do you unfriend people, or simply unfollow them when you don’t want to see them on your timeline?

I admit I am still friends with many people who have unfollowed so that I do not see their messages in my timeline.  Never ending political discourse is the primary reason I unfollow, but other reasons lead me to unfollow as well.

The dialogue on Facebook changed significantly over the last several years with people attacking those who they consider their friends because they disagree politically. And, it seems that like the press, that people will say or do anything to anyone. Where have the moral values gone?

People take what you say, do, or write out of context and turn situations into something it is not. Smoke and mirrors. The dialogue on Facebook has a significant impact on relationships.

Do you think the current temperature in the country centered around the fake media stories that run rampant on Facebook? I do.

Celebrities are stirring the pot

People like Markus Lemonis, who is the Profit on CNBC came out and said, Don’t shop at my stores if you agree with some comments that the President made. I would have never thought he would take such a position, but then we see people who are taking what he said further and saying if you support the President don’t shop at my stores.

Dialogue on Facebook stirs people into fights and unfriending

That kind of rhetoric stirs up others even more so and causes people to argue and fight on Facebook. More and more, friendships are destroyed over fake stories and controversies. People are just too sensitive, too quick to judge and over eager to bring these issues and more into the dialogue on Facebook.

At the same time, there is a dialogue on Facebook that everyone can appreciate. That is, everyone except for thieves. Surveillance videos capture illegal activity which is shared across Facebook helping to catch thieves. Those videos are leading to the quick return of stolen property and even identifying perpetrators.

Other people are using it to find missing family and friends. Those posts help to locate loved ones, and Facebook is an excellent resource. So, there are good things that come from Facebook as well.

Let me know what you think about how dialogue on Facebook is impacting your use of social media.