Marcus Lemonis is The Profit, a one-man investor into businesses that need help with a turnaround. The show launched on CNBC Prime Time television after reruns of Shark Tank proved hugely popular on the network.

The lessons on The Profit blow away anything taught on Shark Tank, and Lemonis clearly is passionate about helping entrepreneurs.

The Profit better than Shark Tank

Shark Tank entrepreneurs typically get a spike in business around the airing of their episode, but the Profit is different. Lemonis digs in with the companies he invests in, and he makes sure their products and services grow.

I love the handshake mentality of Marcus Lemonis, and I've used it myself, finding it beneficial to get out of a bad relationship already.

The Profit - Marcus Lemonis

People, Process, and Product

Marcus Lemonis preaches the three P's, known as People, Process & Product.

He looks for the right people, the ability to insert process and create a great product. His strategy is different from the Shark Tank investors who are inconsistent in how they approach the entrepreneurs on their show. Lemonis is consistent on every show.

At the same time, Shark Tank continues to benefit entrepreneurs beyond the show. I was able to capitalize in the series and use my writeups to make money in affiliate marketing. The leveraged traffic and link to the products and services offered a revenue stream in my blog.

Marcus Lemonis is putting his money and time towards helping entrepreneurs across the country. I'd love to work with him if I ever got the chance.

I like the fact that Marcus Lemonis doesn't want to work with people who don't want to work with him. I carry that same attitude in my business and personal life.

Best of all, he shows respect to people that don't show the same respect. I see a man that treats people how he expects to receive treatment, and he doesn't break from his stance.

Angel Investors will do well to follow the strategy that Marcus Lemonis uses in his business practices.

Even more unusual is how much equity he allows entrepreneurs to maintain when working with companies that have had their value destroyed.

Again, Angel Investors will benefit from using the practices on The Profit by encouraging and allowing entrepreneurs the ability to grow their businesses and not worry about surviving.

I look forward to writing more about Mr. Lemonis and his show, The Profit.