Do you have the ability and want to change? Think about it seriously because many people say they can and will change even though they won't apply themselves.

I've surrounded myself with people who have a want, a need, and are willing to change. They are great people because they inspire me to believe what is possible, and they cause change to happen in my life.

Some may have a moment that they realize they need to make changes, and want to change, but then their life starts going better, and give up thinking they have their situation under control.

I'm guilty of this from time to time and have come to the realization that when I think I'm okay, I have everything under control, is the moment that I need to watch out because everything is about to implode. I need to stay vigilant and focus on what I am missing.

The Ability and Want to Change requires Patience

Thankfully, I have learned to have enough patience and tenacity to stick it out, moving mountains and finishing. It took me a bit of reflection to realize this, but it is true, I don't give up easily.

Most everyone I know wants to make changes in their life. Even though they want to make changes, most won't, but there are a few who will do whatever it takes in the right moment. They will dramatically change their world and keep working to make their life better.

I see this happening in my recovery group and dramatic fashion every time I participate in my Rooted groups. You will see frowning faces become filled with joy in a matter of ten weeks.

Best of all, it's just the beginning of a new life for many. Once again, I see this happening in my current Rooted group. I am so blessed to know those who are making a serious commitment to follow Christ and to be more than a fan. They have the ability and want to change, and they are now a part of my church family!