Do you have a task list avoidance? Many entrepreneurs do, thinking that this is a freedom of working for yourself.

Many Reasons for Task List Avoidance

I don't have a task list avoidance issue in the sense that I despise the list. Like others, I rarely use the task list, but when I do magical things happen.

It wasn't until recently that I watched someone close to me as she prepared her list. How foolish that I have not been using a task list in everything that I do.

The impact is likely due to an analysis of my previous successes. Every time I achieved massive success, I also had an enormous task list to track the progress of each project.

The task list won't do the work for you, and it will likely drive anxiety through the roof as you build it for the first time. What it will do is bring power into your hands and ultimately free your mind as you learn to navigate without everything in your head.

The Task List is freeing

Yes, the task list is freeing, especially when you are knocking off what you thought were menial tasks, but are critical to achieving your big vision success.

Proper use and execution of the task list might mean the difference between you making a living, struggling to be with your family and friends vs. having the time of your life, doing whatever you want at the moment that you want to do what you love most.

My task list is the primary factor in going from total discombobulation to be stable and confident in ninety days on multiple occasions.

It works for me, and I know it can work for you provided you execute when using the task list. Just imagine knowing what you are doing, doing what you want to do, at the exact time you wish? Pretty fricken cool, right?

Just the thought of the control is orgasmic in itself! Of course, we all have to get started, and I have quite the list to put together, but I am already getting excited when thinking about the possibilities.

I'm gearing up for my master task list with Things 3, a program that is downloadable in the app store. But, you don't have to go to this extreme as my previous, highly successful lists resided in Excel.

You do need specific information to track as you accomplish knocking off the tasks residing on your list. I've included some suggested information to follow here.

Things you need to know in your Task List

  • Make sure you include the date you add your task
  • Set due time to accomplish the task.
  • Have a place to record notes. You may have delays, or need additional information to achieve your goals.
  • Record who created the task if more than one person is working on your task list.
  • Document who the task gets assigned to as well as any person who is responsible for managing that person.
  • Assign a priority level to the task at hand. Low, medium and high may be sufficient or use a number to rate the importance.

There you have it. The task list is the killer tool for making your dreams come true. Knowing what you need to do, and when you need to do it with execution will produce astonishing results in most cases. Just wait till you see where you are after ninety disciplined days of using your master task list.