Entrepreneurs simplify ideas and then take action, that is, successful entrepreneurs. Are you making your plan to difficult? I see many brilliant people who are unable to move forward. They make their plan so complicated that you have to have everything just perfect to find success.

These people often call themselves entrepreneurs, but they are more business manager than Entrepreneur. They want to have the entire system in place before they have discovered if it will even work or won't work.

Entrepreneurs have to constantly be pushing for success. We discover through trial and error. That's where the Ready, Fire, Aim phrase comes from. Some people think that's bad, I don't, in fact, I've never been successful at anything until I've gotten ready, I've fired and then readjusted my Aim.

A friend of mine who used to work for me parked in the same ramp as I did. We left at about the same time every night.

We both had monthly parking cards and used the exit that had the card reader to get out.  Now, if you left after 6 PM the hourly gate would be open and you could drive right through.

We both always left after 6 PM and he would still go to the gate that was closed to use his monthly card while I always was behind him and moved over to the open gate. I would always come out first as I never stopped! I explained to him that being an entrepreneur was like driving through the open gate as opposed to using the gate that required you to use your card.

One day, he made the effort and blew through the open gate. What he forgot was that it was 5 PM and the cashier was still there and had just let someone else through! The cashier about had a heart attack and my right hand man panicked when the cashier started screaming at him! I laughed so hard but he made the first step to becoming an entrepreneur!

Now, are you going to make the effort to create additional revenue in your life? Are you excited about being an entrepreneur? Drive through the gate and make the effort!