The Sullivan Generator is what happens when you take salt water and put it in a tube going 100 feet high out of the sea?

The Sullivan Generator creates Gold. No Really!

You get Gold, at least according to Mark Sullivan, the inventor of the Sullivan Generator. He went on Shark Tank, asking for $1,000,000.00 to help him build a gigantic controlled Hurricane.

Mr. Sullivan claims the turbine leaves waste minerals including a substantial amount of Gold! Yes, Gold! Even Barbara Corcoran had to spell it out, making sure she got it right. Mark Sullivan claimed the Sullivan Generator would produce $96 Billion in Gold!

The Sharks listened as Mr. Sullivan offered his idea. They even acted as if they were seriously considering it until he implied the 100-foot tall device would be ready in ninety days.

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That's when Mark Cuban's BS meter went off on the Sullivan Generator

Daymond John was out from the start, this guy has no clue what he's talking about, and therefore, he's out.

At one point, Mark Cuban's expression appeared as he was on Ashton Kutcher's “Punked” from MTV. Apparently, this wasn't the case, but I would have wondered.

Mark Sullivan is apparently a brilliant guy, and even if his idea would work, it's so far out, and he has no possible way to bring it back.

The Sharks asked if his a Genius or if he's just crazy, and I'll join in wondering where to place his creative mind.

Mark Sullivan claims the Sullivan Generator is not his only claim to fame and even mentions the artificial heart, but nowhere did I find anything on his website, where he validates the claim.

What else does the Sullivan Generator inventor do?

The Sharks asked what else The Sullivan Generator Inventor did when he announced he's in the music business and even sews. He explicitly stated he sews Purses and skirts for women.

At one point Kevin O'Leary asks, “How long are you visiting earth?” Even Mark Sullivan found it humorous.

As you can imagine, no deal happened. Mark Cuban said very genuinely, “Good Luck,” and immediately after Mark Sullivan exited, Mr. Cuban said, “Oh my god, that guy was great!”

The Sullivan Generator Appeared in Shark Tank Season 3 Episode 8 in Week 11.

The Sullivan Generator Sharks:

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