By now you know what a domain name is, here is the steps to secure a domain name. I recommend using a company called for a couple of great reasons.

Secure domain name through by going to their homepage, and typing in the domain name that you desire. They will quickly respond letting you know if the .com version of is available. will provide you with a list of alternative domains if the .com version is not available. You almost always want to get the .com, but using a different extension may be OK, depending on the utilization of the domain.

Feel free to use the contact form, and ask me for advice if is not available in the .com version. I will help you make a decision on other domains.

Why secure a domain name with NameCheap?

Namecheap is the perfect way to secure a domain name because they automatically give you privacy for the whois information. Other places like GoDaddy will charge you an extra $9 a year or more. There is no need to pay the additional amount.

Where do I secure a domain name

You can secure a domain name through Namecheap instantly when you complete their online registration, and the control panel is incredibly easy to use. Other registrars(places that host domain names) push all kinds of additional products that you don't need.

Another reason to use NameCheap is the price to renew the domains doesn't get inflated. GoDaddy has a nasty habit of charging inflated prices the second year, costing you double or triple what you previously paid. They have so many domain customers that they get away with it. Don't pay more than necessary.

You can set the DNS(Domain Name Servers) to your hosting company once you have the domain name registered. Let me know if you need help setting your DNS, as I do this frequently. You can use the contact me form for assistance through this website.

Keep in mind, that I use to register domain names. I do my hosting elsewhere, at WP Engine, and I have a Free WordPress Blog Setup package available. Check it out and let me help you get your blog launched today.

Disclosure: I am not receiving compensation to send you to for a domain name. I do receive payment through my web hosting company. The commission covers the cost for me to setup your WordPress Blog.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to help.