Free WordPress blog setup – Launch Program

Completing a WordPress blog setup is a challenge for most people who would like to have their website. Understanding the install process, getting the right configuration and finding the right hosting are all issues that stop would be bloggers.

Don't let configuring a WordPress blog setup keep you from launching your blog, and telling your story. Let me help you by completing the initial install for you. I'll have your free WordPress blog setup configured with a set of plugins that I already use. I won't charge you for my services to complete a WordPress blog setup on your behalf.

I will also install a set of plugins that will help optimize your website right from the start. The following plugins that I will install are:

Yoast SEO is the plugin that I use to help me write blog posts that rank in the search engines. The plugin gives you a plan for creating relevant posts. You'll have recommendations for configuring your Title, Descriptions, the length of your blog post, keyword optimization, different headline tags, and more. You'll even have inbound and outbound link notifications, as well as sentence structure recommendations. Akismet helps you keep spam to a minimum. Jetpack has configurable utilities that give you statistics, shareable links on your pages and more.

How do I offer Free WordPress blog setup?

Simple, I have a deal with WP Engine, the premium WordPress hosting company. They are the company I use to host all of my sites, and the sites I do for my clients. They compensate me for your package and that way you get your base WordPress website up and running fast. Let me set up your base site, and you will save you several hundred dollars upfront.

You will get Free WordPress blog setup services by ordering your hosting package through WP Engine. You'll get a confirmation number that you will want to send me here. Once I have that, I will initiate the transfer for your WordPress blog configuration into your hosting account for you.

Here are the steps to get your Free WordPress Blog Setup

1. Use this form to setup your web hosting account. You will get a transfer number when you complete your order.

  1. Use this form to let me know that you have completed your order for web hosting. My form has a place for you to submit the transfer number, along with fields to include your contact information.

Your WordPress blog setup process will be complete within 24-48 hours from the time you place your web hosting order with WP Engine.

One more thing! You will get 10% off your first billing cycle with WP Engine. That will save you a substantial amount of money!

Want to know more about WordPress?

Your WordPress Blog with come configured with a base WordPress theme installed. If you want something different, you have the option to choose from third party Themes through StudioPress.

WordPress blog and website setups are the most popular option for individuals and all sizes and types of businesses. The software is completely scalable, portable and flexible for just about any online need.

Colleges, newspapers, Fortune 500 companies, and affiliate marketers utilize WordPress in their businesses.

Social media tools connect with WordPress allowing you to publish in one central location, and have your media pushed out to places like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Instagram and more.

About hosting services

I will build your new WordPress blog in my staging account on WP Engine. I will then transfer the site to your account once you give me the transfer number provided at setup.

WP Engine hosting is a premium hosting service. The company provides outstanding customer support, optimized servers for WordPress hosting, and extremely fast connections for your audience as well as on the administrative side of your website.

Security and uptime are critical in today's online world. WP Engine is always testing their servers, protecting them from intruders.

WP Engine has a team of experts who are testing revisions and updates of Plugins, Themes, and the WordPress core, making sure everything works correctly in their hosting environment. They save you time and money, helping you to avoid conflicts in your Website setup and ensuring optimal performance.

Theme Frameworks for your WordPress Blog/Website

I use a company called StudioPress(Now Owned By WPEngine). They are the creators of the Genesis framework that is optimized to make your website perform optimally. Genesis is one of the most popular frameworks for all sizes of websites.

I am available to help you build the ultimate website for your needs, no matter what level you are. Get started with the free WordPress blog setup and contact me again when you are ready to take your website up a notch.

I offer several different levels of service from the free setup to content population and maintenance services.