Show No

Shelly Ehler's is the creator of Show No, a towel that has a slit in the top allowing you to change your clothes under the towel after swimming.  She gives the Shark investors a customized Show No with the Shark Tank logo on the trim. She made a total of seven at the time, one for each Shark, and then two others of which were sent to me and my former partner at Shark Tank Blog. You can see a picture of mine on this post.

The Show No is being made out of Shelly's home. Her towel is patented. She traded patent work on the Show No for drapes. A patent Attorney lived just down the street.

Her towels cost $6.50, and she wholesales them for $9.50 and they retail for $19.99. She has Legoland California, and other waterparks, but she only has $15,000 in sales coming into Shark Tank.

Shelly thinks she can sell a million dollars worth of towels to waterparks.

Shelly talks about how hard they were hit by the recession and the four years of struggle which brought her in front of the Sharks. She has called Disney, but she tells the Sharks that she will keep working it until she gets it.

Show No Episode Data

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Show No?

  • Mark Cuban – asks Shelly a hypothetical question. What if the only day that a CEO or buyer can see her is on her child's birthday, what does she do? Shelly answers that she will go and be a part of that meeting. She showers her kids with unconditional love all the time. They know she is there for her kids. Mark says he sees a lot of potential and so he offers $75,0000 for 25%.
  • Daymond John – offers Shelly $50,000 for 50%.Daymond counters at $50,000 for 20%. Daymond tells her he knows the CEO of Six Flags, and he is already selling 2 million towels and he will match $75,000 for 20%
  • Kevin O'Leary – goes out because she doesn't have a lot of sales, and her market is very seasonal. He doesn't like investing in seasonal businesses. Shelly points out that kids love using this towel as a bath towel and that takes it out of the seasonal market place. Kevin is stunned that they are letting a woman with a towel that has a slit and is letting her suck them in.
  • Lori Griener – loves Shelly's drive so she gets her checkbook out and writes her a check for $50,000 on the set of Shark Tank. She will take 25% equity and work to get it into every single theme park in the country. Lori plays the woman card, and QVC.
  • Robert Herjavec – is not as excited about the product as he is about Shelly. He is out.

Show No after Shark Tank

So what happened after Shark Tank? Shelly got Show No into Disney. The Show No is still available on the website, and I messaged Shelly for an update on what is happening in her world today. I will post when I hear back. I do know that she recently attended Oprah Winfrey's birthday party, she is a big fan. Shelly is also doing life coaching as well.