What can you sell online using a blog? Just about anything. You don't even have to talk to your clients when you leverage affiliate marketing strategies.

Selling online using a blog can be done anywhere online connections exist. You can write about any topic and integrate marketing links into your material.

Topics to Sell Online Using a Blog

For example, I've focused on writing about the Shark Tank topics. I use affiliate links through Amazon and other avenues to generate revenue from the posts.

Someone clicks on one of my links that redirects to a product at Amazon. If they make a purchase, I am credited with a sale, and earn a commission from their order.

Another way to use sell online using a blog is to write about what you are doing at the time of the post. For example, I am sitting in Starbuck's drinking an Iced Chai. I can add a link to Chai tea through Amazon. I will make money if you click on my link and buy something using the Chai tea link offered through Amazon.

Another opportunity for you to use selling on a blog is to be in an affiliate program with your hosting company. My hosting is through WP Engine. I get a commission if you click on my hosting link and purchase hosting.

Of course, you can talk about a product or service that you offer, and provide a way for your readers to contact you directly. For example, You may want to find out where a particular restaurant sources it's fresh produce. Maybe you are starting a restaurant or need a large order.

There are so many ways to use selling on a blog to make money, including using products such as Google Adsense. I'm less likely to use a display product on a blog now.

Think Mobile when Selling Online Using a Blog

Mobile devices are often the preferred reading device over a laptop or desktop, and ad blockers are prevalent rendering this marketing less effective. Links are superior to the display advertisements.

Another option for selling on a blog is writing about the unique items that you have for sale. I use Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for most things but plan to integrate my sales into this blog. I will keep you posted on the success rate.

The takeaway is that you can sell anything on a blog if you put your mind to it, and create unique audiences. You can write anywhere and work anywhere. Blogging offers freedoms not found elsewhere.