Creating your own website/blog with your own domain will give you more credibility with your customers, investors, vendors and employees. You’re letting people know who you are, which creates a unique relationship, allowing them to trust you. By putting yourself out there, you are taking the brand of your business to a whole new level.

After many years as a serial entrepreneur, I know that people are always curious as to what’s next. The same is true for new entrepreneurs as their friends want to keep up with what is happening in their life. The more detail you put into your blog/website, the greater the chance for your friends/family to tell others and with social media, you can’t help but become popular online if you just are willing to put yourself out there.

I have had my own personal domain since 2000; however, I never really used it until recently. The reason is that I didn’t want to be the brand. Now, I am quickly finding out that was a huge mistake. I would struggle to establish credibility with my old sites. When people would visit they would often leave on the first page, but now, unbelievably, my bounce rate is running at less than 4/100’s of a percent! What I am writing hasn’t changed that much, but the personal relationship is now there.

With the other names, I struggled to get indexed in the search engines and even though I had substantially more links, the quality of the links coming into my site now, have already caused the search engines to give me more credibility than ever before.

The offline marketing is easier as well, when you can tell people that your name is your site. They won’t forget, and are more likely to visit. They want to know more about you.

By now you should be ready to get “” and register it now. I highly recommend using Go Daddy to register your domain. The customer service has been fantastic, and once you get the hang of it, managing the domain is really easy as well.

Before you do register your name, keep in mind that I am going to recommend a different webhosting company. You don’t need to by email accounts, or hosting services from Go Daddy as we will be setting up your blog site elsewhere.

To register the domain, click on Go Daddy and you will be taken to the front page where you can enter in your name in the search box located in the upper right hand corner. You will get either a result that your name is available or has already been taken. In the event it has been taken, there will be other suggestions to use different variations of your name.

For now, don’t be too picky, and select one that is as simple as possible. It is more important to take action and get on to the next step. If we need to we can come back and review different variations of later on, but we have to have a domain name before moving forward.

Once you have found an available domain, you will need to follow the checkout process which is fairly self-explanatory especially if you can find the “skip extras and proceed to check out link.” We just want to get your domain registered right now.

You may want to consider one feature, however, and that is private registration, which hides your email address and personal contact information in the public “whois” section. This will keep you from getting tons of spam.

Go Daddy allows you to maintain 100% ownership of your domain, as long as you are current on registration fees which are negligible. You always have the option to transfer the domain, point it to a different location, or even sell it to someone else.