I just finished reading the Four Loves by C.S. Lewis, a revised version from the 1960's. The book is somewhat difficult to understand, as many of the words cease to exist in today's verbiage. Some aren't even in the dictionary that the Kindle uses.

That said, the Four Loves contains valuable insight into faith, and how we feel about people, nature, and even animals. He is somewhat critical of how we treat our pets, albeit we don't know if they have any clue that we are holding them back.

Affection – The Four Loves

He speaks of need and affection, something that struck a cord, with an example of comparing water to wine.

Most of us don't appreciate the quality of water unless we are incredibly thirsty. We see water as a necessity that we intake to keep us hydrated.

Much the same happens when a person craves wine as a necessity. They don't care if they are drinking a $100 bottle of wine or the cheapest bottle on the shelf. It is their thirst to drown out there soberness that makes wine become water to them. On the other hand, someone who drinks little wine will appreciate the smoothness of the expensive $100 bottle of wine. Consider anything we have in excess, and we soon lose all appreciation for what we have.

He also points to the fact that the only place we can be safe from losing love is in Hell. And, sometimes we experience being in Hell on earth when we pull away from Christ. Why would anyone want to protect themselves from Love? Well, I suppose I should ask myself that because I am guilty of it, probably more than anyone, but am learning that isolation doesn't work out so well.

The good news is that C.S. Lewis points out that by developing Gift-Love we can love the unlovable, and everyone deserves and needs love.

I have already given you quite a bit of word and thoughts that have formed around my journey through the Four Loves. There is so much more I am aware of, and I likely have missed even more. A second read is to gain even more understanding from this book.

I highly recommend you read the Four Loves by C.S. Lewis.